Sunday, 25 November 2012


I have purchased a few items this A/W ...more than a few my Husband would say..... that is it now, he told me....spending ban enforced.... you are not the only one Kat, from I have sympathy.

Well I needed them and after the summer spent pregnant I was wishing and wanting to get back in to normal clothes.....
here's goes I have been lusting after a leather biker jacket for years ( husband says, behave.... Susie Quatro ) he likes me in Jeans, White Shirt, Blazer combo which I say I love my self  but this 40 year old still wants to be a little trendy and as well as classy.
I can not afford the soft butter leather of Rick Owens so Zara was my best option I thought..... well the year I want a Zara leather jacket they are full of shoulder studs, now I would get the raised eyebrow if I came back with one like that. So I opted for a in between style of jacket/biker at £59.99 not bad a thought...


I also really like this coat at ZARA but wanted more a jacket..... but if money was no object I would like to get this one too!

Early November I had a Christening and Funeral to attend, now my go anywhere black dress does not fit just yet ( still got at least 10lbs of baby fat to lose, then it was 14lbs ) so dress needed to be purchased.... something dark with no waist.... tunic style I was thinking, that I could wear to the christening, funeral and then Christmas day, as I ve gotta watch the pennies.

I ended up in WHISTLES and purchased the Whistles kate tunic dress in navy, a bit corporate I thought when I looked at it on the hanger but I needed a dress and with a baby in 1 pram and my 2 and three quarters old saying a need a poo at the top of his voice in Whistles Liverpool One, I tried it on quickly and was presently surprised it was very flattering.... bought! Plus I had a light blub moment a knew it would go with some gorgeous GUCCI shoes I have had for years and have not worn for.... well.....for years, together with thick navy tights.

My other purchases this season have been from GAP made use of their 30% DISCOUNT and purchased a dark grey cashmere short sleeve sweater and black slim ankle cropped pants. Thought these would look good in the day with ballet pumps and dressed up in the evening with heels and one of my Zara Chanel look alike jackets. I also purchased the Zara Glass Bead Necklace that looks great teamed up with the GAP grey cashmere sweater, glam it up a bit for the evening.

So I will return with part 2 of my A/W purchases and styling tips....

p.s I will in the future picture myself in outfits for my blog, like all good bloggers, but still not reached my goal weight yet, so these things are a little tight...... starving my self on 26 pro points, so hoping they will all fit this side of Christmas.... she says.



  1. We have the same Zara biker jacket. Would love to know what you are planning to wear with it as I need some extra ideas. I did a post on it a little while back where I paired it with black jeans, heels and a bottle of sherry ... don't ask :o)

  2. Hi Sue, great taste hey! ha I am going out around christmas for a meal with hubby & friends, going to wear it over my Whistles Ink Drop dress I got 2 yrs ago.... a bit of recycling x


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