Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I am not a lover of leggings, I feel slightly undressed and scruffy sometimes although I do wear them but in the sports variety, I find the thicker material of sports leggings a bit better and as long as the logo is near the bottom, it can be covered with your boots... hey presto! Anyway, I was looking for the look of leggings but thicker and I found River Island Ponti skinny trousers to be my answer, the black are sold out now but they have the Navy and Grey on line and they are on sale for £15.00!!!

During my 2 pregnancies I worn 3 Isabella Oliver ruched T-shirts to death, they washed fantastic and were ultra versatile, so as I was impressed with the quality, I invested in 2 purchases from their Baujken range,
Baujken Coco Shirt £99

The shirt has been really useful covering the post baby belly, styled with skinny jeans and ankle boots like here....this has been a favourite outfit of late
Topshop Jamie Jeans, Ash boots ( in midnight), Scarf an eBay special.

I really recommend Topshop's Jamie Jeans for a mummy tummy as the high rise just stops that muffin top look and holds everything in!
See you next time , I hope, annmarie x


  1. I love the Baukjen stuff and thanks for the heads up on the River Island trousers x

    1. The river island pants are really comfy,I could size down aswell which is always makes you feel better, good buy x

  2. Baukjen have some lovely pieces this season:) I am also very jealous of your fab Chanel bag in your first post! Found your link from Sharron's blog above:)

    1. Thanks Anne, I know, could of purchased the whole Baukjen collection really nice, made good use of my 15% discount code - the most recent one I have is STYLE1108 if that is any use to either you, your friends or your followers. Thank you for following my blog, new to blogging, but really enjoying it! x annmarie

    2. Thanks for the follow back and the code...I will take another look at the site
      ~Anne xx


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