Friday, 23 November 2012

My First Post

I am excited to be starting my own blog after becoming slightly obsessed with Kat from doesmybumlook40 and Laura Fantacci from wearingittoday, who has my dream job and wardrobe!!

So here goes my 1st post...... I have just turned 40, no big party, I was actually busy giving birth to my beautiful daughter, who is now 2 mths old. I live in a seaside town that is mainly populated by over 80s and the shops nearby reflect that..... so I am a big online shopper. The post man and DHL delivery man like me, but my husband not....... what have you bought now he is often heard saying.

I hope to share with you my likes in the shops and online. My style has changed, adapted over recent years, from single hood to a married lady, living in the country for 2 years ( most of that wardrobe hit eBay but the Barbour International and Hunter Wellies lived to save another day ) country classics... then onto motherhood.

Talking about classics, I would like to share with you my wardrobe classics, many of which I have had for many years, true investment buys...


ZARA NAVY BLUE BLAZER Very flattering, I find blazers can make a simple t shirt or shirt look that bit more put together. Love ZARA for blazers, i have a few.....

BALLET PUMPS my favourites are RUSSELL & BROMLEY and FRENCH SOLE india style, like these french sole leopard pony hair ballet flats , click here to purchase at ASOS for £90. Love leopard ( not the Bet Lynch style) but in small touches, shoes, belts and scarfs. NEW LOOK do a great range of ballet pumps for £7.99! Which are good cheap way for getting this seasons colours on your feet... click on the New Look link and see for yourself the light brown are on sale now for £5.99!

MY CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN MARY JANES I always wanted a pair of mary janes after watching a episode of Sex in the City, when SJP gets access to the vogue store room. This purchase was made before marriage and kids, single girl purchase... I lived on beans on toast and cereal for the month if I remember.

MULBERRY BAYSWATER My favourite day bag. Investing in a good bag can make your high street outfit look so much more expensive.

Talking about designer bags, the ultimate...... CHANEL 2.55
My beloved CHANEL 2.55 was a wedding present from my hubby.... still can not believe I own one after years of dreaming. We honeymooned in NYC and the dollar was 2 to 1 then, total justification for purchase in my book.

MY LBD Great sale buy from JOSEPH, looks boring but its my go anywhere dress, dress it up with some fab jewellery and killer heels.

My wardrobe other essentials are jeans and a great pair of sunnies...

RAY-BAN and TOM FORD'S are my favourites.

So, I do hope you will join me and share some great fashion, some kids fashion plus my other obsessions of interiors and great food.

See you again hopefully xx

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  1. Some lovely classic pieces. The Bayswater is looking nicely worn in. Very jealous.


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