Saturday, 29 June 2013

I will try again........... inspired by Kim Sears....

Well it was the end of 2012 I had not long given birth to baby no2 and I decided to start my blog....... Ha you may think..... Well in between the 3/4 hour feeds, the baby blues, entertaining my 3 year old, housework , oh and the daily task of adding up my weight watchers pro points the time for blogging got lost.

So here I am, no2 is now nearly 10 months and my Pre-schooler is growing up fast, asking all the W questions 'what for Mummy'  'but why Mummy' ......but why ..... well mummy is feeling a bit more like her self and is confident to attempt to start her blog again.

So here goes ......Shopping trip today to look around the sales, I agree with my favourite bloggers out there and they are getting more early each year. Could n't believe the queues in Zara, you think they were giving the stuff away. Nothing to tempt me in their sale, I was a bit disappointed with Zara this season, however these jeans in the new collection found there way into my shopping bag.... Oops  high waist jeans, I love high waist jeans, no muffin top!!!

                                                               Zara  high waist jeans £39.99

Also on my shopping wish list today was a denim jacket.... Yes something I have had in the past and
thrown away in the charity bag but inspired by Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears Wimbledon 2013 look, felt it needed to be purchased again to throw over a summer dress for a upcoming BBQ ...... Summer weather wishing...??

So I found one £15 at H&M ...... Sold! 
Re create Kim Sears look

2. H&M denim jacket £15 sale (sold out online)

I am not normally a yellow lover but this outfit made me smile, I am going to try and recreate soon if the weather improves with a white Broidery anglaise dress.

I will be back very soon...... Fingers crossed! Xxx


  1. I got my denim jacket out the other day and didn't wear it. I try every year but I just don't feel quite right in one. Can't quite put my finger on it but I see lots of other people wearing them effortlessly. How hard can it be?

    Look forward to seeing how you wear yours.

  2. I know that is what I use to do so it got put in the charity bag on one of those ' I don't have anything to wear days' I think they have to be really fitted & a bit shorter a the back for the cute look. Only planning wearing it over dresses, not the denim on denim look he he


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