Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Escaping for the day

Very excited I am on the train and going into the big city, for the day, on my own!!

No major shopping buys planned just getting some toner that I need and getting the grey coloured in my hair which is the main reason for my day trip.... an expensive do the older you get, gone are the days of a simple cut & blow dry.... and anyway why does it always rain when I get my hair done??

But there is no harm having a little look, since I have no prams, no feed times to adhere too, no nappy changes or toilet stops ( my little boy likes to visit new toilets as a pass time! ) 

But...... I am determined that in the coming months I will only buy what is on my wish list.... They are necessaries really for the upcoming season and not get side tracked by other pretty things I like but don't need. That 'wish list' will be a future blog ( we don't want to talk about a/w just yet when it is still not even August! ) and then I have not only made the promise to myself but to you.

I like shopping alone especially when looking for clothes, don't get me wrong,
I do love a girly lunch & shop but I never buy anything. I much prefer to be alone if I am looking for something particular, I find it more productive. I think that's why I like online shopping, just me and the computer.

Here I am today ~ in Zara changing room

Jacket - Zara (last year)
Silk t-shirt -  Maxmara Weekend (sale last year) 
Jeans - Zara here
Shoes - Russell & Bromley 

This is my favourite jacket I think it reminds me of my love for all things ♥ Chanel. I saw this last year when I was pregnant, didn't buy, then regretted it, as you do, then it was sold out, so I hunted it down on eBay. 

Anyway, do you prefer to shop alone or with friends?
( Oh come on now, I couldn't go into the big city and not buy anything for myself....... now could I....
Shall I tell you what it is..... I think I will save it for next time, as there is a little story behind it. ♥ xx ) 


  1. I'm the same as you, I never seem to buy when I'm with others but love going on girlie lunches. Your hair looks fab in the 2nd pic. Great blog as I'm similar age with young children and love clothes x

    1. thank you for your kind comments, wish I could get my hair that bouncy! lovely to hear you like the blog so far xx

  2. You look very chic and being pregnant is the pits when you really want to buy gorgeous clothes because you never know what your body shape will be like when you finish. But good on you for hunting it down afterwards ... I'd do the same.

    1. ebay great when you have missed the boat on certain things, isn't it. Good luck with finding the Zara shoes xx


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