Sunday, 7 July 2013

Heat wave.....& the tale of 3 little dresses

Well what great weekend, summer has arrived, yippee, 10 days at least they say!!! So I woke up on Friday morning and made a promise to myself, to make the most the weather and wear some dresses.

So Friday I dug out a old River Island blue floral number, I must admit I wasn't comfortable in it ( not a huge lover of prints, as I am getting more older) so after 10mins I changed into my Boden Ponte striped dress, very lady like and I love the little pockets. I wear it with a belt because it looks a little weird on me without.... Some reviews of the dress complain of a high waist, I wear the belt just under their waist line and it seems to do the trick for me. I also got it in the petite as it looked better shorter, above the knee. 

Boden vintage ponte dress -still available 

I use to think Boden was a bit frumpy, but one of their designers is obviously taking inspiration from J Crew and they had some really nice pieces this season and there are lots of J Crew-ish stuff in their new A/W collection.

Then Saturday I felt a little more comfy in my Topshop side split Maxi T-shirt dress, black yes, slightly boring yes, but very versatile, they are great for holidays, roll up to nothing in your case and can be dressed up or down with belts, scarfs and jewellery. This was £28 and it is in the sale for £15 (only in limited colours & sizes however)  asos do very similar ones.
I am keeping it simple here with my treasured Hermes belt, purchased before marriage and kids, I was working away and delayed in Nice airport and would you know it next thing I found myself walking around with a pretty little orange bag, with a little goodie inside for myself... Oops  ( ......they are however two belts for the price of one ,reversible, tan on the other side) 

Today I wore a dress that I have seen pop on a few blogs I read Susie so so  ( hilarious post, dressing up, tourist in Spain, so funny ) and Eve at all worn out  I got mine in April for my holiday in May thought it would be great to wear down to the beach, with my favourite panama hat. However, this little number is getting worn on a lot more, than just going to the beach. For £7.99 they are amazing quality, go for slightly bigger at first, as mine washed up ( I don't know if I am just a rubbish washer )

Notice that all dresses worn with my Laura Russell and Bromley sandals, I did say I wanted to wear them more, thank you sunshine.

Anyway I feel I lived out my promise this weekend ( gold star for Mummy, I say) but for my son's Pre school sports day tomorrow  I am going back to my old faithfuls of either skinnys, Gap chinos or my Gap slim cropped leg pants..... What should it be.......

Enjoy the sun, See you next time x


  1. I love all three dresses on you! And what's more I like black in the summer time a lot. Far more practical and forgiving and a little edgier sometimes. The H&M dress is fun but so useful. I was going to get the black but no smalls left when I last looked and the stripe one like yours - they bogged up the stitching on the hem so I couldn't buy it. However, I now have my eye on a grey and black stripe one in ...wait for it .... Sainsburys.

    I've seen the Hermes belt on a couple of other blogs I read as well - I like it more and more as time goes by.

    1. My nearest sainsburys is tiny so no clothes, but I believe from some stylish sources they do some great little pieces now and again. I do like the dark side Sue, worn a white one today and guess what my little boy's chocolate ice cream down the front.....


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