Sunday, 28 July 2013

Oh look what has just arrived.......

I haven't even had my summer holiday yet and I have got winter stuff arriving..... naughty me. My Boden A/W 2013 pre-order arrived the other dotted printed button back jumper 
Boden printed button back Jumper here

This ticks a couple of love boxes for me 
Grey ♥
Polka dot ♥
Lightweight knit ♥
Plus the little bonus of the cute rear buttons.
I got blue version in the spring and had to wait a couple of weeks for it as it was sold out due to it appearing in a lot of fashion magazines, so when I got my preview email and saw it in this colour way I couldn't hit the buy it button fast enough.
Don't knock Boden, at the moment in their new collection are some little fashion gems. 

 Embellished stripe jumper here
My love of stripes plus no need for a statement necklace .... styled with boyfriend jeans and heels or skinny jeans and ballet pumps either would look amazing.
J Crew do an almost identical top like this one below 

Collared Breton here
Styled with rolled up jeans and these little shoes for a bit of fun maybe

Sixties slingbacks here
and how about this Marni lookalike statement necklace.

Flower burst necklace here

Here I am today, wearing some Boden and my favourite combination of stripes, leopard and Chanel ♥

Top - Johnnie Boden here
Jeans - Boden skinny indigo wash here 
( I would recommend Boden Jeans, not much stretch, which is good in one way because they don't lose their shape after a couple of hours of wear and I think their alignment of the pockets on the bum are very much J Brand which are flattering on ones bum ) 
Shoes - French Sole here
Bag - Chanel


  1. Love the grey Boden jumper! I gave up on Boden a few years back but I'm loving what they have had recently. Am very tempted to get some AW bits! The Boden skinnys look great !

    1. Thank you, it is really cute the grey dotted jumper. I think Boden have so improved their styling, I use to think it was frumpy but seen little items of theirs appearing in mags like Red recently and it made me think twice. Their A/W stuff is tempting.

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  3. That jumper is fab...I am beginning to love spots as much as stripes!!

    1. I am pleased with it, love the rear buttons and I love spots....and better still it's grey.

  4. I was really quite surprised at their A/W offerings this time round - there were quite a few bits which tempted me but I haven't ordered anything yet. And knowing me by the time I decide, the will be sold out in my size.

    Lovely chic look you're wearing.

    1. Thank you, Breton & jeans always a safe bet. I know I did that this spring/summer turn the corner of page over 'oh I like that' and then it goes in the mag basket and then you see things on blogs, magazines and you go back to order, gone in your size...... like the rose gold pointed flats I loved but thought Boden,,,,,nahh.

  5. Nooooooooo. I shouldn't have looked at your blog today when I'm easy prey for temptations like these. I'm in love with that polka dot jumper. Must resist......!

    1. Sorry....... !!! Isn't fab, looking forward to wearing it x

  6. Love that polka dot jumper, never shopped at Boden but think I need to, love your outfit too! x

    1. I think Boden used to be that catalogue you got inside magazines with printed dresses and rain macs with loud linings, but they have become I think a bit more on trend plus the quality of their stuff is fantastic! Check them out, the jumper is so cute. Thanks for looking at my blog xx


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