Monday, 22 July 2013


Watching a stand up the other night on TV and he told a joke about you know you have hit 40 when you can no longer sit in your jeans all evening. Both hubby & I laughed, that's us! As soon as I am 'in' for the evening the 'relaxers' get put on that can be as early as 4.30 if I know no visitors are expected.
Now my relaxers are old juicy couture velour bottoms, I don't wear them out, I promise. They are so comfy but seeing me through 2 pregnancies I need now to invest in some newer ones that are more flattering and on trend should I say.
I have just received a little preview White Company catalogue for A/W and there is a great pair in there.
The White Company pleat front jersey pants £ 40 here

Also, Whistles do some really lovely ones. I was in John Lewis and a very stylish 70 year old lady was buying them..... hands up to her, she told me that they were "marvellous" and was investing in her 2nd pair ( and she didn't look the type that would wear them with Hotter's sandals together with socks, have you seen that look....told the hubby he can get the shotgun out, even if I get arthritis in the feet I will try and avoid that look   ) anyway, I thought I am definitely behind on this trend!
Whistles Lola Lounge Trouser £65 or the Kate reduced to £30 here or here

Or the bloggers favourites....
Kooples zipped slim sport jogging pants here

So we had another lovely weekend with the weather, Sunday we had trip to the garden centre ending up with a wonderful BBQ prepared by Hubby & our little boy.
The wind blew the dress on this picture but it shows the trapeze style of it, great for holidays ( black I know ~ I do like my LBD's ) I wear this of an evening and then as a kaftan without the silk underdress cami, goes great over my red swimsuit with the red showing through 
the eyelet design)
Dress - Jigsaw (old) similar here
Hat - Oasis (old ) similar here
Shoes - Russell&Bromley Laura
Today, casual for morning playgroup, errands with the kids in toe, unpack supermarket delivery, clean, swimming lessons.........please,please pass me large glass of wine !!!! ....and yes the relaxers are now on, jeans came off as soon as we came home far too hot!
T-shirt - J Crew ( it has been washed )
Jeans - Zara here
Shoes - Russell&bromley Laura here
Bag - Gucci ( old )
Sunglasses - Tom Ford here

Oh and here is my DIY project I mentioned in my last post.... I am very happy with the result!


  1. I have the Kooples trackpants but being the shortie that I am, I had to chop off the ankle zips. I'm crazy about broderie anglaise anything. Your black dress is gorgeous!

    1. Oh that would be me also, everything needs shortening! Ditto,about broderie anglaise, love it! Your Isabel Marant black broderie voile top is beauitful x

  2. You are making me feel so lazy now, as I have two brown chairs that were on my to do list for this Summer and they are still not painted... loving that colour!!

  3. I have two pairs of the Baukjen joggers and love them, so comfy x

    1. A ahh forgot about the baukjen ones, silly me. I will check them out. Thanks honey x

  4. All the joggers are too long for me sadly. I held up the Whistles ones next to me - waistband at my armpits. It's always the case.

    And there's something about the summer that shouts for a bit of broderie anglaise isn't there?

    BTW, I have a whole garden table to paint - I've put a cloth on it for now. Out of sight, out of mind ;o)

  5. Well the joggers are going to be too long for me I think at 5ft 3..... I will try them on going into the big city next Wednesday for a hair appointment, will update. Love b.anglaise in the summer..... So pretty.


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