Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sports days, school concerts & printed pants

Well I fully enjoyed watching my little boy in his 1st ever sports day yesterday, in the teddy bear & watering the plants race. He is only in the pre-school nursery class, but 'big school ' let them take part for their 2 races, so cute.
Then today was his end of school year concert and I was back to wearing my normal uniform after my few days of wearing dresses. Today, I decided on my refined dotted Gap skinny mini Capri pants with a simple white t-shirt.
 French Connection, Pants Gap ( similar below), Shoes Russell and Bromley ( very old )

There are lots of print pants out there, I am not a lover of the harem pyjamas styles at all, one, I think I would look really silly because I think personally it's a much younger look for girls in their late teens/ early 20's say......but each to their own...... maybe styled with a navy blazer, cute little ballet pumps...... & not the 7 inch wedges I have seen some ladies wear them with .,....... Tempted ??( err...... I am thinking .... ) No, they are not for me. I don't think Stella McCartney envisioned the looks I have seen around my neck of the woods when she sent printed pyjama trousers down her runway. However, Anna from South Molton Street Style styles them here pertectly, worn with a lovely grey jacket & red ballet pumps, but then again she is in her 20's I think.... 

The printed pants that appeal to me are the more fitted, skinny, Capri style with geometric patterns. Gap have done some great ones this & last year......... very Prada-ish.

But, my favourites are by J Crew. J crew cafe Capri in rope print £ 97.35 I really love both the print and the colours in this particular design which are not screaming 'look at me' and that is what I like.
( I love perusing J Crew's website so many great styling ideas and I am liking those silver shoes......alot...)

I did say in my previous post that I thought Boden was taking a lot of inspiration from J Crew at the moment and their Bisto Crop Trousers are most certainly their take on J Crew's Cafe Capri pants. If you are feeling bold these red pink tile pattern ones are in the sale ~ styled with a simple grey tee and red ballet pumps maybe?? Or the Blue/Green tile, dotted pattern are from their new autumn/winter range. What do you think?

I would personally wear print pants with a simple grey or white t-shirt in the summer but look at this look below, styled with another favourite of mine at the moment ...the striped top, different but rather nice.

Image ~ Tory Burch 

Enjoy your week in the sun, I think I am going to get the legs out again tomorrow...... It is so HOT!! 

P.s thank you to the Ladies from the blogs that I read for your comments left xx


  1. Honoured to be mentioned, thank you! I am indeed in my 20s but vastly running out of time! xx

    South Molton St Style

    1. I am honoured you have commented, as a fan of your blog, thank you indeed! Xx

  2. This is one of those looks I've not managed to get on top of - printed pants. I have one pair bought in the Zara sale waiting an outing - don't know where, don't know when....and dependent on if I can take the jibes from the hubs :o)

    1. Well yes if i wore the pyjama style ones, I would get those jibes too!!!! Look forward to seeing how you wear yours....if you can handle the jibes that is.. :o)


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