Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer sandals for us, in the kids department

The other day I posted that I love Russell & Bromley, now I know that they can be a little expensive, so I have got to tell you about this little bargain I found.

I was in Next children's department in May ( looking for basics like socks, underpants and vests for my little ones ) and I spotted these pretty little things sparkling at me.......

If you are like me and you have small feet, they are still available in size 5 or below and are only £14!
 Don't you think they look the Carvela kook sandals.....

Or the J Crew crushed glitter sandals, both now sold out

I may not be blessed with a size 8 figure but thank goodness for my little feet I say.

P.s seems like I been shopping a lot for myself in the kids department, johnnie boden and all.... But teeny bopper I am most definitely not. Xx


  1. I have the Kooks and they are gorgeous even if I do say so myself. The steely grey glitter is lovely - goes so well against blue as well.

    Have you tried Zara girls shoe? They have some nice stuff on there too.

  2. Kooks are so gorgeous.... Jealous.

    I will check Zara girl shoes out, I bet they will have nice ballet pumps.... Thanks Sue x

  3. That's a great idea - I've often tried on kids shoes in M&S where they go up to a 6 but I'm pushing a 6.5 and they mostly don't work. Have been tempted by Johnnie B shoes've got me wondering now about that...might have to go take another look...xx
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  4. The Johnnie B ones go up to quite big sizes, they had some nice glitter sandals this summer also, since buying these I am look more in the kids depts, worth a try x


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