Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wardrobe editing the European way.

I don't have a vast amount of clothes ( hubby would disagree on that one ) I am just not a horder, I sold a lot of things about a year ago on eBay. I only kept things that fitted in with my lifestyle now, being a mummy and stuff I truly loved, which some things I have had for many years.... my little girl may rock a vintage Missoni tunic one day  ( don't know if I'd ever wear that again, but couldn't part with it??)

This editing has worked so much for me, it is easier to get dressed and work out outfits each day. Only regret so far has been in the recent heat wave, putting all my old 7 for all mankind bootleg jeans on eBay, they would of made great denim cut offs. Here is a little peek inside my wardrobe, I have another single one that I store my winter clothes in, then transfer when seasons change.
My love of stripes there to see.....sorted by item then by colour ( oh my bags, hats & accessories have another special home of their own )
Why did I do it? Over the years I have sat in European cafes ( one of my favourite pass times is people/fashion watching ) whilst on holiday or working and looked in awe at European women, French, Italian and Spanish. The way they dress, simply, classy no fuss..... The formula appeared to be simple; shirts( mainly white ) t- shirts ( black, white, grey or the famous Breton ) jeans, jackets and very good quality leather shoes, belts and bags.
The ultimate French lady chic
~ Ines de la Fressange
Photo courtesy of Chanel the little black jacket.

Italian ladies love them ..... Lovely Italian lady working her drivers....  Tods or Farragamo maybe.
My favourite Italian fashionista is WIT blogs Laura Fantacci 
Photos courtesy of

Spanish ladies are little more relaxed, than french, lovers of the white shirt and aviators 
Photo courtesy of

They all just seem to have knack of those styling tricks of putting the collar up correctly, rolling up or back the sleeves..... I think those little touches add to the whole look. 

Here is my attempt today at simple European style

Shirt - MIH swing shirt here
Jeans - Zara here
Shoes - russell&bromley quilted pumps, can not find them on their fabulous new website but similar here 
These shoes are like slippers, normally wait for the sale and pick them up for £45.
Bag - Michael Kors here

have a lovely weekend and I will be back early next week hopefully x


  1. Oh man, you're fierce! Come and cull mine. I've finally come to the conclusion that although good quality, I can no longer fit in to some of my more slimline Jigsaw knits from yester year and I really need to cull instead of hanging on.

    The MIH shirt is lovely - going to go and take another look. You're throwing temptation my way.

    1. oh I do love a bit of culling, yes my Jigsaw/whistles fitted knits have hit Ebay. x


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