Sunday, 14 July 2013

What to wear.....I wish it was a bit of Marant.

My 1st post back re starting my blog was that I thought it was kind of funny that I was buying a denim jacket at 40 ( after throwing one in the charity bag a few years back ) I was inspired by Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears who wore one to Wimbledon over a cute dress.

Last night I was going to the summer BBQ at my hubby's golf club and I was
planning on wearing it over my coral Day Et Mikklesen dress ( which I got in last year's sale ) 

So it was HOT, so I was thinking I might not need a jacket plus I was informed...that I might not be allowed in wearing the jacket anyway???? golf club rules, no denim in the club house ....... Oh should I just wear it & be a 40 year old denim jacket rebel?? Or have a change of inspiration?? 
The Isabel Marant Etoile Greta dress was my lust after dress all summer, I didn't have the pennies to purchase it however ..........but many times I just found myself looking at it on daydreaming.

but I sort of have a lookalike dress that I have had for years......& this picture was inspiring me to team it up with black accessories instead of the normal tan that I wear with this dress on holiday. I love, love this look below, it is just gorgeous, the little cross body Chanel bag....... ♥♥♥

There are lots of Isabel Marant inspired pieces on the high street, Monsoon especially have had some great lookalikes this season with this gorgeous top, this is quickly selling out in a lot of sizes online and I am not surprised at £22.50...... 

 Monsoon Kasha Top only now available in size M
Or this dress also at Monsoon 

Monsoon Ella Dress at £40 in the sale 

So here is my Isabel Marant Greta lookalike dress (Oasis 19th century..... I have had it for that long ) it is a little bit longer than the Greta dress but its got that pretty boho feel about it

I decided to wear the above dress with black sandals, sorry no picture of myself fully ready, it was a bit of a rush getting out last night ( as I had been to work in the morning~ 1st week back after my maternity albeit part time ) but here I am today ready to go for Sunday brunch with the family......

Top Monsoon, Jeans Jamie ankle grazers Topshop, Shoes russell&bromley

Oh yes...... I got the Monsoon Kasha top, rude not too at £22.50. It was sold out online in my size but I managed to get one at my local store. I will swap into shorts when I get back to enjoy the weather in the garden with the children, think it will look good with either black or denim shorts for a true boho look.



  1. I love your 'lookalike' dress - really like the whole boho thing anyway - looks great! :)

    1. Thanks Jenny, I do like the boho look in the summer. X

  2. Love your Oasis dress! Hope you are having a good weekend:)

    1. Anne, it is my holiday faithful always first thing in my case. Having a lovely weekend thank you this fabulous weather helps, hope you are too! X

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  4. Gorgeous looks on you - it's nice to be able to take the inspiration and rework it on your own budget. And then you don't have to scream at the kids not to come near you with an ice lolly for fear of ruining an £800 dress.

    1. Imagine Sue, chocolate ice cream on a Isabel Marant, now you would cry.


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