Monday, 5 August 2013

1 ♥ Gap

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, we had a busy one. Saturday, N(my little boy) and I had swimming party to attend , he was very excited, Mummy not so, it involved wearing a swimsuit in front of the other pre-school mummies and daddies may I add!

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about my love for Gap. When I went shopping the other day, I nipped into Gap, as I always do. They always seem to have great things for my little ones and myself. I just find their clothes so practical for day wear...... simple & stylish, plus great prices, especially when they do 30% discount days (sign up for their emails for the updates it is worth it.) Their clothes fit into that 'foundations' category fashion mags talk about.....jeans, tees, white shirts & trench macs ( they always do a good trench mac)

Anyway, I saw a couple of things, I thought I would share,
Skinny mini  skimmer Khakis ~ here (size down they are generous)
I think rolled up chinos are a great alternative to jeans.
This little fabulous navy lace skirt, wear it with a plain tee or a denim shirt. Floral lace skirt available here in cream only , it was more or less sold out in Navy in my local store also they only had this one and a size UK 6! You never know you might be lucky in your local store.
Then the 1969 Zipper leggings skimmer jeans, which come in a great range of colours here
(Don't you think the Gap stylist needs a telling off, that t-shirt is tucked in too much - waistband looks too tight, every time I look at this picture I want to pull the tee out slightly )
As always they had a great range of shirts & basic tees plus this baseball style ~ which I thought was very like Isabel Marant
and this style of top is the new 'it' tee accordingly to Look mag

Then I really liked this dress for my holidays and our great summer we are having.
Gap high low hem dress ~ here
 I didn't get a photo ( which is a shame because it looks better in real life ) as I got side tracked thinking I really like it and holding it up to myself in the mirror and thought ..... I best leave because I am seeing too many great things. So I vacated the store before I did any damage. 

PS I did however vacate with something very cute, but for L (my little girl)

Continuing with what we did at the weekend, Sunday, we did the flicks in the morning, Monsters University with N, then a quick change into this below for Sunday lunch out.

Jacket - Zara boucle fantasy ( last year )
T-Shirt - French Connection similar here
Jeans - Zara here
Shoes - Nine West (old)
Bag - Gucci (old)
Belt - Hermes (old)

I may have another purchase to confess to, so speak soon ♥Xx


  1. Love that jacket on you with the Zara jeans! Gap are great for basics as you say and my youngest loves the hoodies and t-shirts:)
    ~Anne xx

    1. That Zara jacket has been worn too death!! Great buy, I worn it all last summer whilst pregnant over maxi dresses and t- shirts. Made me feel less pregnant!

  2. Perfect look. Very chic.

    And I have the Gap mini skimmer khakis in the khaki and the dark grey shade. If something's good, you just got to buy them up.

    1. Just love them Sue, got them in khaki as well. I do like the green colour for a change.


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