Friday, 2 August 2013

Confessions of a shopaholic

So, what did I buy the other day then?

Well it was some jeans, boyfriend jeans no less. I have been searching for a year now for boyfriend jeans that suit me personally and my budget. The thing is a have champagne taste but lemonade money, my perfect pair would be Current Elliott's slouchy stiletto.

After many try's of all shapes of BF jeans I came to the conclusion that I didn't suit the more baggy style shall we say. I did buy Gap's sexy boyfriends, liked them in the changing room, got them home and went to wear them....... wasn't 100% sure.... so left the tags on........... just in case......trial run indoors.

Bending over, bum in the air, emptying the dishwasher and my hubby said ' what jeans are they love' I knew that really meant ' I don't like them' .....when I asked him, they were too pale and didn't flatter my bum. So, they went back...... (thank god I left the tags on) but I have still been looking for my perfect pair. 

......... and so I think I may of found them.  I wanted a summery pair that would go perfect with sandals/breton combo and also with heels worn with white shirt/tee and/or little jacket.

Zara Distressed Jeans here
Casual ......

T-shirt - J Crew
Shoes - Russell&Bromley
Bit more smarter ......

Top - Jaeger Boutique here
Shoes - Nine West (old)

Hubby's verdict on the Zara ones? 'they are alright' So I might be keeping them.




  1. I'm the same - need a slimmer fit boyfriend. I went for the Brady Asos ones in the end and I love them - only £40. These look great on you !

    1. I have just looked at the Asos ones they look really nice!

  2. Hi came through Applebypie! Both outfits are fantastic, can't decide which is my fave, I always try for those looks, casual Cali, you would do well here. Am I the last hold-out to boyfriend jeans? I love the look but worried I don't have the pert bum for them....

    1. Fashionmumof403 August 2013 11:18
      I have been holding out on them also, favouring my skinnys but love the look of boyfriends on blogs and in magazines. I think it's best to go for a more slim style leg and I am sure your bum will look great! Thanks for checking out my blog, I am going to have a nosey at yours now. X

  3. You're right about the slim fit. I don't suit the very baggy types either. They just stunt me. But even I had to go several rounds with many jeans in many changing rooms before I came to that conclusion. But I still keep trying - it's the comfort I love.

    And yours are a lovely colour and fit. I'm holding out for a pair on the Zara site which I've seen but doesn't seem to have been released yet. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

    1. 'Stunt' yes that is really great word to describe them on myself also. Oh I love the comfort, these Zara's have been worn nearly everyday since I got them. Keep checking Zara, hate that also, are they in the lookbook bit? When I was in my Zara they had 4 mannequins wearing white sale t-shirts and some fab boyfriends that didn't appear to be on the shop floor. I was looking inside the waistband and at the labels (nearing knocking one over, may I add) until I got a stern look off the manager. Hope they sell them soon, knowing my luck, they will be old ones that I've missed the boat on.


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