Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I ♥ Whistles

Continuing with my little series of posts on shops I love, ( I plan to do this once a month by the way, you are getting this one a little early, as I am on my holidays in September.....yeah!! I think I have told you that too many times now.) anyway it is on Whistles.
 Whistles is the first shop when I go into town, I visit for a nosey....its definitely my 1st port of call if I need a dress. Their dresses are always a winner if you are attending a wedding, christening or a special evening out. Many times I have lusted after their dresses, but had no occasion worthy, like the Rebecca dress this summer

.........maybe I should of just got it to wear to mummy and toddler group on Monday mornings...... can you imagine. My dress for N's winter christening 3 years ago was Whistles....the ink drop dress...and it is still a favourite of mine when I am having a slim day and I am going somewhere nice.

The dress I have my eye on this season is.....

Sculptured Dress in Poppy Red £110
It had pride of place in their window today, very similar to the Maya Cocoon dress( which is still in contention together with a DVF to wear for L's christening) that I got in the summer sale but with sleeves. This red one would look wonderful with either ballet pumps, heels or even cool with black thick tights and ankle boots. I didn't dare too try it on because I knew I would love it and then I would have the mind games......can not afford it.....don't need it......should I? I have no will I played safe and just admired it on the hanger.

Their court shoes are to die for, very Jimmy Choo-ish but alot cheaper.

Whistles French 75 Court Shoe £125

I also like their sculptured t-shirts they do  

My visit to town today was to purchase some make-up and an appointment at the apple shop to try and see why our I-Pad is failing to charge...with an impending holiday this kind of needs to be fixed!!! So it was rude not to look in Whistles while I was there as I have spotted online what could be my perfect grey sweatshirt........a grey sweatshirt as you know is on my autumn/winter wish list. 

I like the traditional v stitching on the neck and the 3/4 length sleeves you could wear a striped breton underneath, for a little bit of layering.....however, I couldn't see it in store. They did have this textured sweatshirt in cream and navy, I tried the cream on totally for research purposes and I quite liked it.....nice shape with the dipped hem at the back. 

Graphic Quilted Sweat £65
Now a few people/bloggers have been talking about their new PVC circle skirt, well it looks like leather until you get up close, appears to fall very nicely and it is not bulky so wouldn't add the pounds to your shape.....very nice if again I had an occasion to wear it.

Silly me forgot to try the Kate or Lola Joggers on .....need a shopping day without the kids for a more productive shop I think.



  1. The red dress is gorgeous ! I never attempt shopping with kids anymore - I always get worn down by them and end up grumpy and hot :(

    1. Oh it was a nightmear day..... and yes I ended up grumpy.....didn't help that my mum thought she had her handbag stolen.... but she left it in the toilet and after we re traced her steps . ....lucky for her it was still there! The red dress is divine! X

  2. Whistles is my favourite shop at the moment and the white sweatshirt is on my hit list. I tried it on today and thought "that's the one!" I can't resist white tops. My only reservation is that it's 100% polyester. Why oh why couldn't it have been 100% cotton. Now can I reconcile my head with that?

    1. Oh Sue you are such a good shopper and look at the labels.....I didn't even check that....should do...I just get carried away with the visuals is very nice and I thought it would of had some cotton content in it?? I am going to hold out for the grey one I think.....going on their website now to check for the material for that one. X

  3. I must admit I haven't bought anything from Whistles this year. My favourite buy, which I can't part with is a silk floral dress from spring 2009, it has served me for 4 weddings in the first couple of years and I would certainly wear it again, as still love it. I've lent it to a friend for a wedding and my eldest daughter, so was a worthy investment. I really wanted the Cocoon dress but couldn't get it in my size x

    1. That dress sounds like a fabulous buy! The red dress is basically the cocoon dress but with sleeves.. So it's a better option really as I am not totally in love with showing my top arms unless I got a layer or 2 of false tan on!

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