Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My new season 'wish list'

Was going to do this post later on August but hey it looks like I am not alone in thinking about my A/W wardrobe missing gaps in the blogging world. In past A/W seasons I have found I have purchased many of my favourite investment wardrobe pieces, I am lucky as both my Birthday and Christmas fall in A/W so many have been presents.
So here goes..........my wish list for this A/W season is..................

J Crew Tippi in Grey buy here

I love the shape of this jumper, I have it in neon pink, would love it in the cashmere variety but hey I will happily settle for merino.

Black lace skirt - to go with the above and a great statement necklace. Saw this picture of Alexandra Stedman style editor of Red magazine and I fell in love with it. 

Photograph by Kate Ell for Red magazine
Although, I do have a small social life I find splurging on evening dresses such a waste of money now. So this type of versatile outfit works better for me and fits in with the type of evenings I do, when I do venture out, plus I am thinking possible Christmas Day outfit here...... there I go.......shout at me...... I said the C word and it's only August! 
Ash Virgin hi tops buy here

I have looked and pondered over the above trainers for about ....maybe 4 years now .......So no more pondering they are getting purchased. I have a pair of gold Ash Virgo trainers that I wear and love but need some to wear in winter, to run about in with the pushchair & chasing after my 3 1/2 year old. Tried their wedge trainers and the jury's out still with me plus the hubby HATEs them and I do value his opinion.... plus couldn't put up with the gibes ♥ so I think the virgin hi tops will be perfect for me.

Black ankle boots 
1.Rag & Bone Newbury £380 @ matchesfashion.com
2.Rag & Bone Kinsey £495 @ Net a Porter
3.Acne Pistols £380 @ Net a Porter
Now I would love either Acne Pistol or Rag & Bone Newbury but not sure my budget with go to £380+ so being a R&B girl and I am going to look at their Gaucho boot.

And finally ..... 
An Petit Bateau Mariniere in heavy jersey available here
Also,  I will be searching for my perfect grey sweatshirt.....that should be fun.

No great excitement there but they are my missing pieces, so I am going to save my pennies to invest in the above pieces and not be tempted by other pretty things I may see in Zara for example......like the pink coat.....yes, pink.....its gorgeous! So lets see over the next couple of months I keep to my promise because I have made that promise to you as well and as a good Catholic girl I wouldn't like to break it!!! 

.............. but just for fun here is my ultimate wish list if I won the lotto I would love to buy, 

1.Etoile Isabel Marant Iona Boucle Jacket £280
2.J Crew Cashmere Tippi £90 sale
3.Celine Luggage Tote
4. MIH Jeans Hockney Shirt £174
5. Jimmy Choo Agnes Pumps £360
6. MIH Paris Jeans £133

Speak to you later in the week for more things Autumn/Winter.....



  1. Wow - loving those Merino jumpers from JCrew! Quite well priced too and you can get a discount with a code from Wearing It Today. I'm off for a nosey...
    As for the ankle boots - LUSH! x

    1. Love a tippi, it says to dry clean for some reason but I hand wash them/ or on the cycle hand wash in woolite and they wash great. I have used by WIT 20% on the vintage grey tee she wore with that fab pink maxi! All the ankle boots are lush aren't they, love boots xx


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