Sunday, 11 August 2013

My top tips for packing & travelling.........

My J Crew beach cover up has arrived 

and it is perfect for my September holidays.

If you are still to go on your holidays like myself, my 5 top packing tips are
  • Plan your outfits by laying them out.
  • Pack clothes that transcend from day to night and try to colour co-ordinate your holiday wardrobe as much as possible. 
  • Pack a large scarf/shawl which is great to wear on the flight if the air con gets a bit chilly ( us hostees like to keep the temperature down we are normally wearing a restrictive hot polyester uniform with a neck scarf and running up and down the cabin like blue a**e fly's... so be warned ) during the evenings it can be worn as a wrap and during the day as a sarong. When I went on holiday in May I packed a leopard print one that toned in with all my red/black and white clothes.
  •  I mainly wear flats on holiday and pack just one pair of heels that will go with most things that being either a tan wedge or a metallic high heel sandal.
  • A large cross body bag for travelling so your hands are free this is a must especially when travelling with the family.
I learnt the above tips from making many mistakes in the past and I work in the travel industry so I have a lot of experience packing a case!

Here is something similar to my favourite day beach wear look .....

1. J Crew Denim Shorts £67.87 here
2. Miaclesuit Barcelona bandeau control swimsuit £140 here
3. Accessorize Panama Hat £15 here
4. Ray Bans 3025 Aviators here
5. J Crew Collection Gauzy Stripe maxidress £225 here
6. Sam Edelman Gigi Flat Sandals £44 here

Today, with the kids going to Grandmas for a playdate with their cousins, so we took advantage and went out with friends for lunch..... yippee.

Jacket - Monsoon here
T Shirt - French Connection here
Jeans - Zara here
Shoes - Nine West (old)
Bag - Gucci (old)

Oh my other little tip for travelling is comfortable clothes, flat shoes and don't wear lots of costume jewellery ( because you only have to take it off going through security, then put it all back on and then if you are like me get yourself all stressed..... ) Oh and don't waste your money buying Trucki's for your children, from my experience the children don't ride on nor pull them but either you or Daddy will be carrying them and they are heavy and bulky little things. A small size back pack is much better....

For those still to go on holiday..... good luck packing and happy holidays.


  1. Loving that Monsoon jacket! Thanks for the packing tips too - I suspected as much about the trunki's and you've confirmed. Saves me some money :) x

    1. Thank you honey one of favourite buys this summer. Yes, I have seen many parents struggling to carry a tried child with also two Trunki's across each shoulder! Or poor Grandma & Grandad carrying them 2 miles behind x


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