Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Temptation Catalogues

We are getting tempted by the new Autumn/Winter collections everywhere aren't we? Emails, magazines, blogs and those little catalogues that pop through our letter boxes.

Here is my pick from the Catalogues I have received so far, remember my Boden post of my favourite items..... Well they are still my favourites nothing else in there as tempted me yet...apart from the bronze pointed shoes..... and I have made two purchases already ......

White Company is my go to for Pj's for my two and my nieces and nephews for Christmas presents....fabulous quality. Adore their candles and diffusers ..... Winter fragrance being my favourite..... happy Christmas memories. Their clothes I have sort of dabbled with in the past.... so what appeals to me in this collection?

1. This knitted coat cardigan.....  I am not a lover of cardigans, having a big bust I always feel slightly matronly in them. Having said that I  do have a navy blue white company long cardigan that has served me well over the years. I do like this one especially as it is very coat like with the leather trim.
Leather Trim Knitted Coat £165
2. Can't beat a white shirt blouse and this is styled great in the catalogue with boyfriend jeans and killer heels.
Lightweight Seam Detail Shirt - White £65
3. These are my favourite contenders for my new relaxers.
During my 1st pregnancy I lived in my two Isabella Oliver tops one white and the other black and then when I got pregnant again I topped up my IO collection with a striped breton top and maxi dress..... They were worth their weight in gold....quality amazing! After pregnancies.... I purchased from their Baukjen range.... I purchased their Coco shirt..... I was so disappointed with the quality.... It creased really badly and the buttons would come undone and there I would be.....flashing my nude nursing bras.... which wasn't a great look! 5 stars for customer service however as they were great when I complained about it and I got a full refund. I noticed they have changed the buttons on the updated Coco shirt...... Would I be tempted to purchased from them again? Well I think their leather jackets always look divine each year..... and I would love one.
I would love too team the leather jacket with this maxi dress and some ankle boots...different from my normal look but I do think maxi dresses looks great in the Winter also and if this maxi dress is anything like their maternity ones...well it will be amazing! Plus there is 25% off jersey dresses at the moment quote joy25.

I slightly regretted not buying a breton dress from the Hush summer collection that unfortunately sold out, so I was looking forward to their new collection. 
Its just full of gorgeous cashmere.....

1. Their sloppy joe sweatshirts look really nice and this grey one could be a contender for my perfect grey sweatshirt, the star print making it that bit different and what do you think about their harem pants for my new relaxers??
2. My favourite piece of cashmere is this red jumper with the grey trim on the arms.
3. Now..... I must admit I love the look of a mid length biker boot on some girls and these I really caught my they would fit into my wardrobe I am not too sure.....but I really like them.
Bailee Boot £295
Hush are offering 10% discount for their new collection quote WELCOME.

 Anyway, I hoped you had a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend.....We did, nice family walks....rewarded with a nice glass of chilled white (or 2) at the end. I have not got any outfit posts for you too finish up on as I am feeling pretty poorly today...... I have a nasty cold....poor me.....that's what I get for laughing at hubby with his man flu the other day!



  1. Love the Baukjen stuff and I have never seen a piece from them that I wouldn't wear forever. Terrible name though, I can neither say nor spell it!

    1. I know, plus the catalogue has some great styling .....I can never spell it either..... always get the j....k mixed about......I think it's the founder's surname. X

  2. Hope you feel better soon :( I popped into town to get school shoes with my 12 year old ( size 8 would you believe it !!!!) £45 they were - ouch! I can be so good until I see everything hanging there tempting me to touch and buy. Good job I had 3 kids in tow else I may have given in - still trying not to spend so I can furnish my new kitchen when it is done! I did pick up a simple grey sweatshirt from H and M for £7.99 though ;) Am living my fashion dreams through other peoples blogs this Autumn!

    1. Wish I was living your dream and doing interiors in my dream home. Children's shoes are so expensive aren't they.......those h&m sweatshirts are meant to be good.

  3. I love those pleated trousers from the White Company.... wish they had a store over here:) Hope that cold disappears soon!
    ~Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne.....still feeling alittle rough. I am hoping to get those pants I think. Xx

  4. Like the look of the White Company jersey pants, I spent all spring in my two pairs of Baukjen joggers so may give these a go!

    1. I looked on Baukjen to see if they were doing them again..... and there isn't any. Only the sequined ones, so I think these White Company look a good alternative.

  5. Love all things dotty! How will you style your spot jumper?

    1. Really pleased with the dotty jumper.....keep posted I am, in answer to your question doing a little post on ways I plan to wear/style it. X


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