Sunday, 25 August 2013

What I bought this spring / summer.....and lessons I can learn forAutumn/Winter

Well as a little note to ones self a started making a list the other night of things I bought this season and thought it might be useful to share.....

I started buying back in February as you do, when you are craving the sunshine and summery things .....

  • Russell & Bromley charming tan/black ballet pumps
  • Boden blue dotted button back jumper
  • Jaeger Boutique white broderie anglaise top 
  • 2 x American Apparel grey tees
  • Joules chinos
  • Boden striped vintage Ponte dress 25% discount - Not totally happy with, last time I wore it I felt slightly like a Stepford Housewife.
  • Zara Quilted navy jacket ~ sold on eBay after two wears
Arms were too tight and it didn't feel 'me', the false quilt effect felt and looked cheap........should of returned it like Susie from Susie So So her intuition was better than mine.
  • 2 x Zara linen tees ~ didn't like too long in the body for me......wear to bed now
  • 2 x swimsuits 
  • French Connection white tee
  • Gap refined dotted skinny Capri pants
  • Johnnie Boden Breton Still available here
  • Russell & Bromley Laura sandals 
  • Next kids sandals
June  ( a little eBay wardrobe cull funded)
  • Monsoon Camilla quilted jacket
  • Topshop blue silk tee
  • Gap sexy boyfriends (returned)
  • Zara high waisted jeans
  • J Crew breton 50% sale on NAP
  • By Malene Birger Rivera dress 30% sale
  • MIH swing shirt 50% sale
  • Monsoon Kasha boho top 50% sale
  • H&M denim jacket
  • Zara Boyfriend distressed jeans
  • Whistles maya dress pink 
  • Zara floral mini skirt 50% sale ( heat wave panic buy )
Looking back I didn't style this skirt correctly initially, having been looking on Instagram  #Isabel Marant Etoile, her little floral skirts are styled so well with pretty lacy boho here 
Photo courtesy of 
So a re-think with my broderie anglaise top and old sandals from R&B, I may pack this skirt now for Spain and see if I enjoy wearing better like this. 

  • J Crew striped maxi dress 50% sale
  • J Crew vintage tee in heather grey t-shirt
  • Boden green pointy slingbacks 70% sale Still available here £27.90
Just noticed I am a bit of a sale girl.... and I bought more than I thought. This gives me hope, because my realistic wish list for autumn/winter isn't that long but the few things I would like are pricey. So if I stop buying the bits along the way I could afford those ankle boots that I really want .....

Enjoying the sunshine the last few days and wearing some of my favourite buys of this summer

T-Shirt - French Connection
Sandals - Next Kids
Jeans - J Brand (old)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford (old)

Blouse - Topshop silk tee
Jeans - Zara Distressed Jeans here
Shoes - Russell & Bromley Laura Sandals here
Bag - Chanel (old)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford (old)

Can you remember all you have purchased this spring summer or would you not prefer to disclose......???


  1. I haven't got very much this year as all funds are being directed at the black hole of a house .....I shall be making up for it next year !!

    1. Roll on next year for you.... We are hopefully looking to move next yr 18mths so I will be all about interiors & building work then. So trying to invest in good pieces so hey last me when it eventually happens! X

  2. I follow the working girl blog too - I can't keep up with her but she has some amazing clothes and styles them beautifully.

    Love your skirt with the Jaegar top. I checked out your skirt in store and it still looked really short on me (and I'm shorter than you).

    1. Thanks for the mention too. I actually really liked the jacquard weave on the blue jacket but the sleeves were tight and I knew I wouldn't enjoy wearing it if I felt restricted. The white jacket was definitely the better jacket.

    2. I got the bigger size in the skirt so I can wear it slightly lower down than my waist. Love the working girl's styling, she has some gorgeous stuff doesn't she! I still like the jacket when I look at the picture but it didn't seem right the 2 times I wore it..... You got the better one in the end. The saving grace was that I sold it for the price I paid for it on ebay as it was still a popular item.

  3. I can remember a few years ago when I kept a tally of what I was spending on clothes on the right hand side of the blog and was pretty surprised how much all the sale stuff actually comes to and what you could put the money towards. I haven't bought much this year, I've had 2 holidays and am taking Charlie abroad for a weekend in November, so funds have been tight this year, sadly I can't do everything and something has to give! I think you have made some good purchases though, things that will last you for years. What part of Spain are you off to honey? x

    1. I didn't think I purchased that much really hun until you put it down in black & white. I am fellow Marbella chick like you...... We are lucky and have use of a family members apartment there xx

  4. That's not fair is it, I want a family member to buy an apartment there! What complex? Be funny if it's the one I stay at! La Sala for dinner? There is a new moroccan place opened up opposite La Sala, really nice with a bar on the roof, white leather sofa's VIP area. If those shoes blister me, there will be trouble lol! x

    1. Los Arqueros Golf we stay at.... yes we have been to La Sala, hubby likes an afternoon beer there and the tapas La Sala in San Pedro is also good. Before children hubby & I used to eat out every night but now we BBQ a lot at the apartment and maybe do a nice lunch at our favourite beaches aurora & trocadero restaurants.

  5. Ah don't know where that is, we stay at La Maestranza right near the Mercadona. I saw the la sala in San Pedro when I was there in May but didn't go in. Hope you have a fab night out when you have your babysitter xx

    1. Thank you honey....... We sure will we are going o try somewhere new. Los arqueros is on the Rhonda road. I think I know where abouts you stay..... Behind the bull ring?

  6. This is brilliant, I have to do this, I buy so much rubbish and conveniently forget!!

    1. I am glad I did this post...... It was a big eye opener and I am going to be far my sensible this upcoming season and stick to my wish list. By the way you looked fabulous in the south of France very glam! X

  7. I'm not sure I can remember what I bought back to February - beauty/make-up items yes but clothing - no! May have to have a go at making a list now - it's bugging me! I am a sales girl too and usually have a field day but it's not happened this year - still time I guess! x

    1. Make a is such an eye opener. I think I kid myself with the sales and buy because I think I am getting a bargain...... Going to keep a list now going forward. Wouldn't like to think what we all spend on Make up and skin care!


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