Sunday, 22 September 2013

Postcards from Spain

We are having a wonderful 2 weeks in sunny Spain, weather is fabulous to say it the last 2 weeks in September.

We have been visiting the Marbella area for many years, we got married here up in the hills five years ago at Finca La Concepcion.

We are very lucky as a family member has a place here so with combination of my perk of the job 'cheap flight' it is a great option for us. There are many more places on our bucket list, South of France, Italy and a driving holiday to the Swiss alps..... that we would like to do in the next few years, but here are our favourite places in Marbella. 

Trocadero Playa ( near to Marbella Club Hotel ) 
Great beach, wonderful food, chilled music ( while you sunbath if kids are asleep or if they are awake there is a little play park ) Sunday paella here is a must....need to book gets very busy with the Spanish Marbella set. 

Aurora Beach ~ Another nice beach and restaurant, lady who owns it is obviously a keen gardener and it is always full of pretty flowers and potted plants.

We don't eat in Puerto Banus apart from Naga ( a great Thai restaurant ) and Picasso Pizzera ( this place always has a queue no matter what time of day - favourite with the kids ) 

Our favourite places to eat apart from Trocadero Playa & Arena are;
Soliluna  is a new place we tried for our date night and we will definitely be returning nice setting and food was very good.
Altamarino in Old Town Marbella where the locals eat simple fresh fish.. (don't be put off by the plastic tables and chairs)
I just love the Old Town, I favour it over Puerto Banus.


Puerto Banus or 'the port' still has all its designer shops, for a little window shopping. 

We visit early morning for a coffee, N likes to take bread down and feed the fish and car mad as he is with his Daddy he likes to look at the cars. 

Classic SL Mercedes drop top, that the boys were impressed by yesterday.

Few outfits I have worn 

the rest of the time.... I have been a sweaty mess!



  1. Its great that the weather is still so good. I've had two bad meals at Picasso in both May and August this year, I wouldn't go back. I had a Lasange that tasted as if they had tipped a whole pot of salt in it and was also overcooked, then in the summer they mucked up the order completely. Haven't tried Naga, so will put that on the list. Looking lovely honey xx

    1. Ash that's a shame, we only go for the pizzas & salads to be honest. Xx

  2. Looks fabulous there and love all your outfits:)

  3. Looks such a lovely place to be and I love your outfits especially the striped top and hat. Lovely. Enjoy the rest of your holiday :-)

    1. I think that has been my favourite outfit so far, such an easy dress to wear xx

  4. This is really interesting, I have been thinking about going for ages as my eldest dropped French for Spanish, but was a bit put off by the cast of TOWIE going there and all the footage I saw of pretty grim partying. This looks really beautiful, it looks like the secret is to avoid high season and sweaty, burnt bodies!! Your outfits are perfect for a little trip in that fantastic car!

    1. You just need to know where the classy Spanish eat & go plus Old town Marbella is gorgeous no TOWIE there for sure! He he xx

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