Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Red shoe.....

I am going to be adding too my wish list I think.......
I just love ballet pumps they are the staple of my footwear wardrobe.... I love them for comfort but I just think they look so chic. In my shoe collection I have more than a few pair mainly from Russell & Bromley and French Sole. 

My ballet pump collection.

But I would like to add to my collection and I definitely need a flash of colour, Red being my favoured choice and a pair of Repetto red patents would be my ultimate wish/buy.

 Here is Brigitte Bardot wearing her Red Repetto ballet pumps in the movie And God created Woman


The Repetto's are a little pricey and as I am 'heavy' on shoes....don't think it may be wise spending that much...... but then again in my past experience you do have to pay for quality and quality lasts.... and Repetto pumps are made like true professional ballet shoes apparently I think they would wear more than well. Another thing however, stopping me from pressing the 'buy it' button is what size I am? On Net a Porter it does says 'true to size' however Repetto devotees say too size up and Marlene from chocolatecookiesandcandies told me to go 2 sizes up in the patent variety. So should I stick to what I know and get the French Sole India ones... I know my size in the French Sole and again you size up, just 1 full size, so I get a 38eu...... however they are out of stock ......... Oh the dilemmas of the Red ballet pump....hey.

Think I will wait and see what Spain as too offer before I dive in.... El Corte Ingles usually has a great selection of Pretty Ballerinas.... I will keep you updated!
Here I am on today wearing my favourite ballet pumps of the moment.

India Leopard pony by French Sole available here

Hope you all had a great weekend, my cold is slowly getting better, a little help from a wonderful Sunday lunch out today and a visit to the Home Farm shop which is next door to the pub for some wonderful fresh veg and meat for the week ahead.

Cheese and bits for tonight and ohh it has a great wine selection.....

Mummy and Daddy bliss ....... 
Well I am just going to pour a glass and prepare the cheese board for later....see you next time.



  1. My red need replacing, I got mine in New Look must be a couple of years ago now after seeing Laura from WIT in a pair but I would like something more expensive. I've never had Repetto but I have a pair of Bloch, they are lovely and great quality. I couldn't live without ballet pumps x

    1. Oh I have the New Look ones in gold......ok for £7.99...... Aren't they? I missed the red ones. They did them again in the spring, but they disappeared online and in store.....sold out.

  2. I think they are an essential and I've just got myself a little pair of navy leather ones which I am delighted with. On price and the fact that they have a high vamp so no toe cleavage in sight. Buying ballet flats is actually incredibly difficult - they don't always flatter the feet and some are cut so shallow, it's a wonder they stay on.

    I can't advise you on the Repettos or anything - mine have always been on the cheap and cheerful side but they have served me well despite the pricing. Patent scares me a little so I think I like number 3.

    1. You are into your Navy at the moment aren't you..... I must admit I love navy also and I don't mind toe cleavage. My gold ballet pumps were cheap and cheerful..... The £7.99 ones from New Look.......and very comfy. No3 are my favourites also Sue...... Just got to keep checking their website for them to come back into stock.


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