Monday, 21 October 2013

Biker Chick.....

Second on "my holes in wardrobe" list is the Biker boot.....

Now, like the parka there are a lot about and to suit all budgets....... My picks are.........

3. Somerset by Alice Temperley Porlock Boots £175 ( sold out online )
4. Hush Bailee Boots £295
5. Fiorentini & Baker Eli Eternity Biker Boots £380
6. Jimmy Choo 24.7 Biker Boots £625

I really like the Dune (2) ones for obvious reasons, I wish the Barbour (1) were leather not suede and they would definitely be a contender and I am still trying to think why the photographer/stylist for John Lewis would turn over the Alice Temperley Somerset (3) boots?? In the magazine adverts they look gorgeous unturned..... but since last week when I look online, they are now sold out!!

I hear you shout there is nothing under £100, well I have been looking...... The Zara ones available online I don't like really, too many buckles ( I loved their bikers last winter...damn ) Clarks, well they are a great option, lovely warm furry lining... but with many I have found under £100 they have cheap looking hard wear.

Justifications to adding the biker boot into my wardrobe 
★ flat heel 
★ Practical and warm for mummy duties.
★ I don't have a suitable boot to go for a Sunday walk in, apart from my Hunters.
★ I don't have any casual flat boots apart from my Stuart Weizmann's 50/50s  which I think are more casual smart.
★ I don't have any calf length boots.

I am going to look at the Dune ones in the flesh I think next time I go into Liverpool/Manchester and still look around for good quality ones for under £100 if I can......but the Chanel look a likes are calling me.

So finishing up with what have a been wearing today, Manic Mondays I call it ....mummy & toddler playgroup, swimming lessons and I squeezed in the housework.....
Barbour Trench/ J Crew Tippi jumper/ Topshop Jamie Jeans / Mulberry Bag/ Trainers Ash 

See you in the week for Denim shirts.....



  1. I have to say I am not over keen on the quilted ones, my favourites are the Alice Temperley and of course the Jimmy Choo. On a cost per wear basis the Choo's will be so worth it, I think I have had my Jimmy Choo boots for about 4 winters and last year had to have them reheeled but the uppers are still excellent. I can't make my mind up about a pair for me, I think I am just that little bit too old now lol x

    1. Yes I love the Alice Temperley ones, gutted they have disappeared off john Lewis's website..... Oh yes the Choos would be 1st choice if I had the budget. I going to keep on looking but something that suits my bill The Jimmy Choos at £150ish would be prefect ! X

    2. Just a quick heads up, if you check out Susie's post from yesterday on boots, I looked at the brand she mentioned Medwinds on Yoox and they have a fab biker boot for about £127? They also had some nice dresses but lets not get into that!

    3. thanks honey I will have a look - Ohh I will not look at dresses saw two yesterday when I should of only been shopping for baby stuff in Boots couldn't resist a peek in a boutique near me..... DVF and Mr Williamson dresses to die for x


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