Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Denim Shirts ....

Well next thing to roughen up my wardrobe could possibly be a denim shirt. Now I am not planning to do double denim but wear it with some cropped cigarette pants or with a skirt ( which my I add I don't have any winter skirt options - future post & purchase I think. ) Now, I know hubby thinks I am slightly going off my rocker with my last 2 posts, thought he was moving in with Liam Gallagher at one point with the parka ( I have had second thoughts on that and although I like some of them..... they are not me, apart from the Maje one and I know if I got one it would be on ebay before I could blink. ) 

So back to the shirts, I like shirts and I have a few mainly white so what is inspiring me to purchase a denim shirt. Well these ladies I think have styled it to perfection....

Photo - Pinterest

Photos - Wendyslookbook
Trust the gorgeous Wendy, she can work the double denim look....  I love the shirt worn under the Tweed jacket.

See by Chloe denim Shirt a very good sale item from ASOS.

Rather than a traditional denim shirt, I personally prefer a Chambray ...,.  

Uniqlo Chambray shirt £19.99

I just don't think you can beat Gap for items like this and this shirt will be on by payday shopping list.

Yesterday, I wore my J.Crew sweatshirt for the first time and I think a chambray shirt will work well worn underneath when it gets chiller.....
Coat Nicole Farhi/Sweatshirt  J.Crew /Jeans Topshop/Bag Mulberry/Boots R&B
Photo courtesy of my very patient Hubby who I had taking too many pictures in the rain xx

Are you a shirt lover, how many denim shirts to you own if any?

Next time it will be a bit of lady like chic, skirts I think x


  1. I have two, a pale one and a dark one. Pale from Very and dark from Baukjen earlier this year. If going for H&M they come up small, my daughter is an 8 and had to get a 12! You really should get that parka, just go back to Laura's blog and see her parka with the biker boots, I can't see you will regret it, you need a hood on the school run!

  2. I think I will go for the Gap one honey, H&M do run small couldn't get my arm in size 10 tweed jacket earlier in the year! I love Laura in her parkas I especially liked an Instragram she did of her going out one evening in a denim dress, killer heels and a parka mac. .... I really like the thinner ones for spring. X


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