Tuesday, 15 October 2013

High street cashmere

In my Tippi post I talked about cashmere on the high street and since then thought it was worthy of a post of its own.

I love cashmere just the feel of it is gorgeous and if you look after it will last you for years. 

There are some great pieces on the high street that are really affordable these days, even the supermarkets are doing OK stuff, albeit a little on the thinner size but the luxury feel is still there. 

The high street Cashmere I've got are from, M&S, Gap and Uniqlo, Uniqlo's cashmere jumpers are great, priced well and they come in a wonderful range of colours. I also LOVE this Boden striped cashmere jumper with the pink, below.

Top Row - Uniqlo £59 Here 
Bottom Row left - Boden £119 here 15% off with free deliveries and returns for you here
Bottom Row Right - Autograph M&S £79 here

I prefer in M&S, the men's V-Neck's as the ladies are often cut slightly old fashioned (too short and boxy, with high crew necks or cowls) I like the men's fit for a more relaxed look, however, while perusing the M&S website I have found some gorgeous cashmere lounge wear. 

My ideal Autumn/Winter's evening - relaxing in cashmere lounge wear with beautiful scented candles burning...... heaven.
Cashmere hooded jumper - M&S £119 here
Cashmere jogging pants - M&S  £99 here 
As I mentioned before everybody can afford a little bit of cashmere these days such as these great winter accessories,
Cashmere socks - The White Company £35 Here
Beanie Hat - Hush £35 here

I would always advise to invest in the classic colours that never date such as, grey, black, navy and camel. 

My tips for looking after your cashmere,
☆ Always hand wash with a suitable product, either purchase a specialist cashmere product by pure collection or Belinda Robinson or I just use Woolite.
☆ Only wash in warm water and gently squeeze any suds out of your cashmere.
☆ Do not rub, wring, twist nor stretch your cashmere.
☆ Rinse in cold water and do not use any fabric softener.
☆ Gently squeeze any excess water out of the garment.
☆ Then roll garment in a towel to get excess water out of it and then dry flat.

Here I am on Sunday wearing my Uniqlo cashmere black jumper
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - French Sole

See you next time xx


  1. Totally agree re the Uniqlo and M&S cashmere, the uniqlo mens jumpers are better also. I also love my white company socks although my hot flushes will have me tearing them off every five minutes!

    1. Funny! Never thought about the men's in Uniqlo, thanks for the tip. X

  2. I've had good and bad cashmere from Uniqlo. I have a grey cardigan which is a total workhorse and I've never had to de pill it and I have a cream jumper which drives me insane as it bobbles every time I wear it. Just goes to prove, you never quite know what you will get. I use to buy the Brora jumpers too in their sales but mine have all been sold on to a friend - I was one of those who was too big for an 8 and the 10 just didn't look nice. Incidentally, I am very lazy and have stuck all my cashmere in the washing machine and have never done the towel and rack drying thing. So far so good with the exception of one dark grey one which has actually shrunk but seems to fit better than it did before. Infact, I've not had it off my back for the last few days since it turned cold. Do love my cashmere - cheap or expensive.

    1. Maybe the tip with Uniqlo is stay clear from the lighter colours, when I compare my Pure Collection cashmere cardi too my Uniqlo you can tell the difference, but then Pure is more expensive. Oh Bora I used to lust after their stuff, beautiful . The care tips are now saying you can machine wash..... I'd be too nervous. X

  3. I love cashmere! Thanks for the tips :) I will have to try out these websites as well. http://www.ilux.com/ has some pretty comfortable cashmere socks.


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