Thursday, 17 October 2013

Holes in my wardrobe

Now if anything this blog has kept me focused on what I want and with going back to work and my birthday I had some spending money just for me, so I have raced through my A/W wish list like Usain Bolt.......

Grey Tippi ☆
Ash trainers ☆
Black ankle boots ☆
Grey sweatshirt ☆
Petit Bateau Breton ☆
I have even squeezed in because I had change, a Whistles Structured top in red - in previous posts I talked about my love for the dress but in the end I got the top because I know I will get more use out of the top. 

When I became a mummy, I decided to buy classic pieces that I could mix and match with most things I owned and most importantly that would last me, as I now didn't have the same budget to spend on myself. I would describe my style as quite classic and simple but there are a few holes I would love to fill in my wardrobe, the holes are for pieces that will roughen up my edges, you could say. 

So, what are they, well for today's post we will concentrate on the Parka. They are just about everywhere I look, my favourites here for you.

As ever the M&S looks better in the flesh, here is a little Instagram picture of myself trying it on. The Limited Collection one with the cape that I posted about in my Coats post back in August has disappeared from the website, so sold out like most coveted M&S coats this season.

I also really like number 4 from wrap london, I think its girly floral lining that is making this one appeal to myself and if money was no object the Maje one would be purchased in a heartbeat.

Now, my justifications for a parka becoming a new addition to my wardrobe are,
★ Alternative for my Barbour walking coat. 
★ They have hoods and none of my present coats have.
★ Doesn't have to be army green - a few  nice navy ones about. 
★ Warm and Practical for being a mummy. 
So roll on pay day hey, but then again I have a rather large Christmas list to work through ...... What do you think yea or nay to the Parka. Hubby's is a nay, said I would look like Liam Gallagher and my mum kindly informed myself khaki is not my best colour.

See you next time, with another item I would like to add to my wardrobe..... 


  1. I say get it, I'm loving my new one but was sad to have to sell my brand new French Connection one on ebay, I was never gonna slim into it and shouldn't have bought it a size smaller lol. I like the longer length of the M&S one and the faux fur looks good quality x

    1. It's a good option the only bad point it's a bit heavy. Ohh I ve got many pairs if jeans that I have purchased with the thought I will slim into them!! Funny things we do xx

  2. I seriously need one too! They are warm & practical but also look great for casual days! I need a casual warm coat & the parka ticks all the boxes! Ax

    1. There are some great ones out there too suit all budgets! Very practical but versatile also xx

  3. I love that M&S one! Have a good weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

    1. The M&S is a great option, they had a nice navy one also with a check lining, enjoy your weekend also xx


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