Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Postcards from Spain 2

Oh how holidays change since you have children, gone are the care free days of sunbathing, siesta in the afternoon and then glamorising yourself for the evening.....Marbella weekends with the girls ....Sinatra's, Nicki Beach & Pangea the popular places in my day, before the cast of Towie were even in long socks! But now as a mum you can not beat experiencing your children's series of firsts, dipping their toes in the sea, the feel of sand, splashing in the pool......the joy.

I bounced that pram up and down on the sand hopeful that L would go to sleep after her lunch for a 1 hour or if I was lucky 11/2 so I could turn off and relax.... terrible aren't I?! I found a little girl more hard work than a baby boy, she is so more wilful, thinks she can swim in the sea at 1!

So our days really consisted of beach days as they proved to be easier with 2 children under 4 and then relaxing back at the apartment with a BBQ and a well deserved glass of vino or 2 once she was tucked up in her cot!

A few more reviews for you.. if you are planning a visit,

We read in the Sunday Times travel section 50 things to do before you for die about 2 years ago, "eat paella at El Ancla" We have been both visiting Marbella since its hay day in the 80's and have never heard of it. After reading the article we walked passed it along the beach and it didn't really shout visit me. However, after a little make over with new beds, my brother in law went more than once with his family in July and said it was brilliant. A restaurant beside the beach with a Pool.......

Well what can we say..... We loved it! Such an enjoyable day by the pool, N loved splashing in the kids pool and then we finished off with a very late lunch of seafood paella, king prawns and to die for clams, sat in the restaurant outside terrace with a gorgeous beachfront view.... watching the fisherman bringing in their daily catch....bliss!

Well if money was no object I would stay at Marbella Club Hotel or Puerto Romano  or even lunch there at one of their beach restaurants. We have an infinity with the later as we organised our wedding video at the Puerto Romano....Classic old school 5 star hotel. 
Marbella Club Hotel Pool Restaurant 

Forgot to mention in my last post in my favourite restaurant bit,
Old school Marbella glamour, valet parking, fabulous host & owner Sandro who looks after you as soon as you walk into his Restaurant. Set in gorgeous gardens and very good Italian food with 1st class service. 

To finish off a few Instagram pictures of more holiday outfits for you, rehash of week one really,
Top - Johnnie Boden Breton here
Shorts - Next old
Hat - Oasis (2012)
Top - Jaeger Boutique
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - R&B ( very old!! )
Bag - Gucci (old )
Dress - Whistles Maya Cocoon ( worn more casual than week 1- with flats ) 
Scarf - Louis Vuitton
Shoes - as above
Bag - Gucci 

Enjoyable holiday had by us all..... Goodbye Marbella...... see you next time........

Tomorrow's post is on my Spanish shopping.



  1. Great post and amazing how, for someone who has been going there for 10 years and some years more than once, I haven't been anywhere that you mention. Fancy me some Paella at the place you mention, which way would you walk along the beach from the Port?
    We used to stay at the H10 until they made it adults only and last year we went to the Coral Beach to visit friends and that was lovely but they felt it lacked in atmosphere.
    Thanks your comment honey, I scheduled todays post ages ago and couldn't believe after I published it, I did a bit of blog reading and saw Laura in the jumper. Probably a good thing it was sold out in my size, I'm not happy the leopard one is also!
    Tempted to book next summers flights now while they are cheap and my eldest is also gonna have her hen weekend there in May x

    1. Ancla is in San Pedro would you believe. There is a nice new beach bar/restaurant opened at coral beach 'cafe del maer' very nice, we had a drink there. We tend to go where the Spanish go, we got recommended a few more places we haven't heard on this trip by friends who live there.. Proves its a big place! May is a great time for a hen weekend. Xx

    2. I went in May this year also - had a week of terrible weather so did venture out further than normal as was with girlfriends and not family. I caught a bus to San Pedro but it dropped off by a square so we went around some streets with shops but the beach looked a long way down, too far to walk. x

  2. I can't say how much you have changed my mind about Marbella, you make it look so Spanish, I am hoping to get there over Easter this year!

    1. Oh I am glad, you need to do what we do and avoid Puerto Banus for eating & drinking ( its fine for perusing shops & a cafe con lache) and see the proper Spanish side of Marbella.....which is beautiful. Xx

  3. Gorgeous photos and I just love all your holiday outfits!
    ~Anne xx

    1. Thank you, Hubby was calling me David Bailey, forever taking pictures. Xx

  4. You still look glamorous
    even with children to look after.
    Lovely photos.

    1. Thank you...... The times a didn't look to good there is no photo evidence!


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