Friday, 25 October 2013


I only own two skirts and they are both summery, so for a couple of nights out I have coming up I want to wear a skirt for a change as I think it could be more versatile than a dress.

There are lots of skirts to choose from this season, pencil shapes, A-line, full circle and pretty floaty numbers like the ones by Isabel Marant my favourite the 'prune' having sold out.

The skirts I have picked below, I think they would look really cool and chic on a evening meal out with my hubby dress them down with a denim shirt, a cashmere knit or even a plain tee, alternatively you could go for full on glamour by adding lots of Jewellery.

My favourite is one I have featured before the Jaeger black lace skirt, I would love this and would pair it my grey Tippi, black clutch and Louboutins with bare legs ( .... with a layer of St Tropez may I add ) There was lots of chat about tights on a recent post by Susie So So, like a lot of girls I know it's the tights that stop us wearing the 'tres chic skirt' more often and I am normally in that camp as well......... it is so much easier to wear pants or jeans but with tan bare legs a skirt looks gorgeous......... especially my favourite, a lace skirt.

One of these skirts may have been purchased last night, so what did I go favourite Jaeger black lace one or was I tempted by the new Boden Notre Dame pencil skirt?

Ohh keep posted....... to find out! 

No outfit pictures from me today, yesterday I was in my polyester work uniform ( not very exciting) and today is relaxer day... no work looking after my poorly little boy, who has a nasty cough. 

Enjoy your weekend everybody xx


  1. At that price I hope you went for the Jaeger! I love it to but rarely wear skirts and have an old next lace one, so can't justify sadly x

    1. Oh wait and see it is arriving on Monday hopefully ! X

  2. Love the lace, I think I have an old one from Valentino at Bicester, if the moths haven't had it!

    1. Oh now your talking Valentino, can't wait went you sort out all your wardrobe out and see what's in all them boxes and bags. Xx


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