Thursday, 3 October 2013

Spanish Shopping

When visiting southern Spain we like to visit in cooler months, Ronda, Granada & Seville which are all a nice drive away, Seville being the furthest about 3 hours.... all are beautiful unspoiled Spanish towns/cities and are truly worth a visit if you are down there. This trip we took a day trip to Malaga on our only weather bad day, Malaga I think is so over looked, most of us fly into there and then drive off to our destinations.

Los Gatos - Malaga
It has plenty of fantastic tapas bars/restaurants ( like the one we had some lunch in, above ) and great shops, albeit lots of Spanish Brands.... But then we love them, don't we.
I went into the Spanish designer brand Hoss Intropia's shop, I like some of their stuff. They had gorgeous necklaces, pretty blouses, chic dresses but this lace dress caught my eye, as soon as I walked in, in my favourite winter colour way of black, tan and cream.

Upon further investigation, I found they did it in a top.... swing style. I know I would just get more wear out of this with jeans or black cropped cigarette pants. But I am not in the market at the moment for a going out top plus I didn't have the 190 euros it would of cost.... I like it a, I am going to play chicken with it, hopeful it will eventually go in the sale? 

No visit to Spain would be complete without a trip to all our favourites Zara and Massimo Dutti, since my nearest Massimo closed down in Manchester, I especially look forward to an perusal in there. Both stores are always well stocked, unlike our English stores and about 10% cheaper, with the euro. Nothing really caught my eye in Zara apart from the bloggers favourite Pink Coat, that I mentioned in my coat post. In Massimo there were some nice cashmere jumpers, a cute pair of black ballet pumps but nothing really that exciting.

El Corte Ingles, on the other hand, had lots of things that caught my eye, it is just a fabulous store that just seams to stock every top brand you can think of, like the Valentino Rockstuds...... If only hey..........

Puerto Banus has all the flagship designer shops but I have noticed in the Old town more and more designer second hand shops popping up..... this little Chanel Bag winked at me through the glass, but it appeared slightly pricey for second hand?

The markets are always good for straw baskets and children's shoes, couldn't resist these Mary Janes!

Nothing purchased for me on this trip just for the kids.... However, I have made up for it online.... details to follow, a few things ticked off my wish list.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Did you forget your sandals I saw on Instagram honey?

    1. So I did! But they were an emergency buy.... My jelly jewelled flip flops broke on day 1. Well spotted honey....because I forgot! Xx

  2. You have been good. I find that I don't really shop when I'm abroad - I don't get the time to running around after the boys as they drag you out of yet another shop. And besides, I'd be well scuppered on the returns policies wouldn't I?

    I hope that Hoss Intropia top comes up in the sale for you. Perfect evening top with a Chanel handbag don't you think?

    1. Oh you would.... I found out once you can not return stuff to a Zara in this country. I now know about the boys pulling you out of the shops..... My little boy is now at that age, they sat on a fancy settee in Hoss, but you can not look properly, can you......hubby is not a shopper. I was thinking on the same wavelength as you .....perfect with the Chanel! X

  3. We went to Seville for the Feria in April 2010 and it has to be my favourite Spanish city.


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