Monday, 7 October 2013

Well I am pondering again!

I haven't stopped since returning from holiday, the usual mountain of washing and ironing plus I always want to sort things around the house, when I return from a holiday.  Before I went away I was researching some of the items on my wish list, one particular item was some black trainers not ones you do any gym work in but ones for, my cardio, running after two little ones, that would look stylish.

Now in my A/W wish list post, I said I wanted Ash virgin trainers and I have pondered over the said trainers for the last 4 years and never purchased them.

So here I am again pondering........... 

Do I go for what I planned Number 1 or Number 3, which are a little different in snakeskin or Number 2.......the virgo's

This is my dilemma, I have the Virgo's in gold and I love them, I know I suit low tops and I like the traditional laces. What is putting me off or what is making me it the buckles?...............yes, I think it's the buckles.
However, I do love them when I see other girls wear them...... particularly Kat from Does my bum look 40. What should I do? Another thought is should I just get a pair of dark converse, no, canvas in Winter wouldn't be that practical, would they?

Oh.....indecision........I am going to get them, yes, it is decided.....but which ones, plain or the snakeskin or should I play safe with the virgo's......oh Annmarie.........

Well which ones did I get?

Wearing them on Sunday
T-Shirt - J Crew vintage cotton V neck
Jeans - J Brand (old)

Yes that me a girl who sticks to what she knows!

Which ones to do prefer and are you like me and a creature of habit?  



  1. My problem is I can't do high tops - all that fastening and besides which the tops of them are likely to be hidden by my jeans. I actually really like the snakeskin ones for something a bit different but the buckles seem quite hard core in my eyes. But I wouldn't rule them out - I do like them or maybe I've seen them so often I've become accustomed to them now. I was eyeing up a pair of New Balance today in navy with burgundy trim. All my favourite colours when I'm not doing greys and various shades of.

    And I'm so glad you didn't keep me on tenterhooks!

    1. Yes, hard core for me also, especially in the black, it was the buckles putting me off I think they are slightly less hard core in the summer lighter colour ways. Yes, I quite like the new balance in those colours and I like the Nike ones also but their colours are a bit more out there.

  2. Hi tops look great, but they are a pain to get on and off, I never wear the ones i buy, far too lazy

    1. Yes a few people have said that to me. X

  3. I think these look fab and glad they won out over the Converse or the Hi tops. I only started wearing pumps this year when I got my baukjen joggers, I had an old satin jigsaw pair I had hardly worn, now I am constantly in them but your right, they won't be good for bad weather so I need something leather. p.s. I thought I left this comment yesterday, don't know what happened x

  4. I saw some lovely leather Modainpelle ones today in a gorgeous wine colour, called Faxon, they are £80 cheaper than the Ash ones, slightly gutted I didn't see them before because they are perfect copies, check them out hun xx

  5. Cheers lovely, price sounds good and I do like their shoes, so underrated and such great quality x


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