Friday, 8 November 2013

1 ♥ John Lewis

I use to love visiting George Henry Lee in Liverpool as it was then when I was a little girl, the beautiful Victorian building that housed everything you could wish for. 

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Our old George Henry Lee ( part of the John Lewis partnership)

The haberdashery department was massive in the 70's/80's and that had to be my favourite department, the beautiful reels upon reels of ribbons, my mum use to treat me to a half meter of ribbon for my bunches to match my outfits. Such a shame now in our new John Lewis this department is now tiny and you can't buy by the meter, you have to buy a full five meter reel, not quite the same magic as I a little girl I use to love walking up and down the ribbon aisles picking which ribbon I wanted with my mums approval of course, then watch the lady measure it to her gold meter ruler that was fixed on her wooden counter....the things you remember as a child.

Photo Courtesy of the Crosby Herald.

Here is a picture of inside the old store empty, I think this was the old carpet/furniture department. I loved the old store, the creaky floors, the beautiful sweeping staircases, window features and the quirkiness that it was two buildings and it had little tunnels to cross from one to the other.

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This is our new mega store in the Liverpool One complex, I have got used to it now and I love it for totally different reasons. 

With two children I don't get to get into Liverpool as much as I would like, when I do it's often when I get my hair done, so two hours is wasted sitting in the hairdressers ( well it isn't wasted, it is time for me, to catch up on the glossys I don't buy every month like Tatler and Harpers. ) So John Lewis is ideal to browse around with the limited time left as it has all my favourite high street brands under one roof such as, Whistles, Reiss and Hobbs, plus I can shop for the home, children and hubby there too!

So what caught my eye the other day,

Nicest leather jacket I have seen for a while, plus it comes in Navy which makes a nice change to biker black, just wish I had a spare £325 to get one!

3. Whistles Malou Lace Dress £165
Just gorgeous, perfect for party season, can not find it online, I think its brand new in.

Very similar to the Whistles Structured dress and Coast's Bobby dress but the scalloping on this one is a pretty touch.

This was purchased for my little boy.

I love traditional dresses like this...... I am such a sucker for smocking and peter pan collars.

This is just divine, thinking Christmas day walk to church, little too big for my little girl, hope they do something like this in 3 years time.

A tasteful bow for any little Hello Kitty fan.

As you can see all things stags caught my eye

1. Anorak Kissing Stag Oilcloth ( couldn't find this online but this was purchased the other day for our kitchen table £27 per meter )

2. Emma Bridgewater Teatowel £10

3. Stag Head Cushion £20

4. Neom Scents of Christmas Gift Set £42

5. Anorak kissing stags mug £10

I haven't included anything too Christmas because that is a whole new post, plus I am a bit old fashioned and Christmas is for December, I just love the magic of December..... oh I couldn't resist taking one little picture of all things Christmas.

My other fond memories of John Lewis
★ With my 1st wage packet buying my 1st bottle of Chanel No5, quite sophisticated for an 18 year old I thought.
★ Going and doing our Wedding List there, Hubby and I with our little scanning guns picking out things. 
★ Then when I became pregnant is was my natural port of call to purchase most of our baby stuff.

So you can safely say I am a John Lewis girl. 

Outfit picture of me on Thursday, was on standby in the morning and didn't get called.... Yeah so a quick walk into our village with my mum for coffee & cake. 

Hat, Urban Outfitters / Coat, Massimo Dutti / Jumper, Boden ( available here ) / Jeans, Topshop Jamie / Boots, Russell & Bromley / Bag, Mulberry
Told you, you are going to be fed up seeing this hat.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend. xx


  1. I love all those old buildings with memories and nostalgia, we are crazy to let them go. All the developing economies would kill to have that kind of heritage and we are letting it go to waste. The more I see how the new economies Korea, China, Dubai, strive for authenticity, the more mad it seems that we are letting it go to wrack and ruin.

    1. Totally agree, although the new Liverpool One shopping complex is great for the city's economy ( and we now have a Harvey Nics albeit just a beauty Bazaar ) the other part of town that housed the beautiful Victorian buildings are now full of not so good shops, a DIY chain and TK Maxx went into the old store, such a shame. Xx

  2. You can't beat John Lewis, it's certainly my favourite department store. I remember when I worked in London, I bought all my 1st baby's things in there, including her cradle which I struggled to commute home being 7 months pregnant. Trevor McDonald was also there shopping with his pregnant wife, as you say funny the things you remember and now 24 years later I am shopping for her wedding dress x

    1. Cute..... I bet feels like yesterday to got that cradle. X

  3. I used to visit Liverpool quite a bit years ago as I had a friend at Uni there! Its such an amazing city & I loved it! You look amazing in your new hat! Think I may have to get mine our tomorrow now! Ax

    1. I live about 20 miles away now, but it's still home and it is a great city, fabulous water front and nightlife plus the shopping is a lot better these days. Hope you got to wear your hat! Love them x

  4. Love your blog and your choices from JL! I've been trying to track down the Kissing Stags oilcloth forever! Silly question but did you buy it from the JL and have it cut to size? thanks x

    1. Hi, I did, however I have found it online on where I have purchases more of the range. Hope you get it, it's fab!


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