Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas gift guide

It is fast approaching and here are some gift ideas for a lady in her early 40's, a mum, who likes to bake, enjoys winter walks and dare a say the nicer things in life.......

She sounds a bit familiar this lady,  very like me......

Oh it is me...... My Christmas wish list..... I would LOVE every single one of them but would be delighted with just one ( people say I am hard to buy for ...... I am not really. ) The above items I think any lady would love, what do you think?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Are you going to make a start on it this weekend, if so happy shopping and I hope my little wish list has given you some inspiration! xx


  1. I haven't done any Christmas shopping at all, I have just moved house but Christmas seems to have crept up on me! Love all your choices, I'd be quite happy with any of these too :)

  2. Oh in a new home just in time for Christmas lovely...... no doubt a very busy time for you. I have made a start but only a little start but I have a list that makes me feel slightly organized! X

  3. I'd be happy with any of these gifts. I've just done my list for the kids by email, should of done it in a blog post, silly woman, all that time doing the links!


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