Monday, 18 November 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

Did anybody manage to purchase anything? I was working so no visit to a store for me, plus when I finally got on line everything was sold out. My two favourite items from the collection were this gorgeous beaded jacket and the ra ra skirt, no doubt they are on ebay for double the price. I would of been over the moon if I managed to have purchased something from this collection but I wouldn't pay the inflated Ebay prices for them ! I would much rather buy from the Etoile range and get the pleasure of something arriving in a nice Matches or Net-A-Porter box and be able to send back if it didn't fit.

Anyway, I visited my local little H&M on Friday on route to pick my little boy up from pre-school knowing that they didn't even stock the collection but just on the off chance somebody might of returned something from the Liverpool or Manchester store already but instead I found this look alike ra ra skirt.........


...... and like all good H&M items, I can't find it online for you. At £12.99 I am more than happy with my Isabel Marant look alike skirt, I am planning on wearing it with a cashmere jumper and black ankle boots but I also know this will work in the summer with a white broderie anglaise top or plain grey tee. 
Today, however I wore it with flat boots as I knew I would be running around, I went Christmas Shopping at the Cheshire Oaks outlet with hubby and the kids. My husband is not a shopper and in the car said to me do you know what we need/want, he likes to get in and out military style! His mission was to get some new shirts for himself, so Ralph Lauren we went.......I sometimes would love to be a man, they are so easy to dress....nice shirt, jumper, jeans and brogues. We picked up some more stuff for our little boy, nieces and nephews. Ralph Lauren is the uniform for the boys in our family, it can transcend the total male age span....looking fabulous on little boys to men in their 80's, plus the big bonus point for me is that it washes amazingly well! My boy is nearly 4 and is still wearing stuff I got him went he was 2, I never pay full retail for it ( plus I only buy the tops, jeans/pants are just too good at Gap, Next and H&M for little boys) purchasing it in America during sale time when we have holidayed there or in the Outlet shop at Cheshire Oaks.

So, here I am today in the Ralph Lauren changing rooms, in my H&M skirt.

Black Cashmere Jumper, Unqilo Here /Skirt, H&M / Boots, R&B / Tights, Falke

Did I buy anything for myself,I had a quick look for a lace cocktail dress but I was more than happy with making a start on my Christmas list. While, the boys went on dodgem cars on the Christmas fairground, I went in Mulberry and saw this fab parka coat, if I was still looking, down from £975 to £345.

Mulberry Parka
The back hood zip detail on this coat is lovely but felt a bit cheeky talking photos in Mulberry.
Plus, these cute flats in Hobbs that are very like the Chloe ones. 

Hobbs NW3 Flats
Just another little outfit picture of myself on Saturday night a meal out with an old Whistles dress, the gathered detailing is a godsend for the mummy tummy.
Dress, Whistles / Shoes, Christian Louboutin / Bag, Dior / Tights, Falke ( trust me the best opaque tights ever available Here )

Thanks for reading, see you later in the week.



  1. Your skirt is really fab, what a find, it looks great on you as does the whistles dress. I have a similar print in a silk dress from John Lewis. I've always dressed my boy in Ralph too along with Dior, Moschino etc, he has only started wearing high street recently because the jeans and things are often more modern and now he is 13 this has to be a consideration xx

    1. Chuffed with my skirt, I always miss out on the good H&M stuff. Oh I always buy his pants and jeans from the high street, like I said Gap, Next or H&M. That is one thing I don't like at Ralph the cut is a little old fashioned... Too wide. Love gap & next skinnies. X

  2. Ooh good score on the skirt! And it looks great with your long boots. I managed to order off the website the next day but it doesn't get delivered till at least next week. Good thing, nothing is urgent.

    1. Oh you lucky thing..... I am excited to see what you ordered!?? X

  3. I manage to sang the grey wool coat and a t shirt, not having much luck with online shopping at the minute so not holding up high hopes. I spied that skirt in store and couldn't believe how similar it was to the Marant one, it looks great on you, as does the whistles dress! I find whistles and Reiss dresses last for years as they never seem to go out of style. X

  4. ohh the grey coat is nice.... well done! thanks you for the kind comments....just can not beat Whistles for dresses, like you say don't seem to go out of style. x


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