Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The mad hatter.....

I like hats, on a summer's holiday I am never without my panama. In the winter a cashmere pull on hat as been my hat of choice the last couple of winter's. However, I love the shape of a panama and I would like something similar for winter, now as none of my coats have hoods, I would say a hat is a necessity for myself. 
So during a recent visit to M&S food hall,  I nipped over to accessories and tried on a few of their offerings and the following two were my favourites. 

M&S Pure Wool Buckle Trilby Hat £25


On Tuesday I visited Liverpool to get my hair coloured and wanted to try some more hats on. The fedoras are big this season and they look stylish and cool you only have to look at Marlene here from chocolatecookiesandcandies in hers.
Accessorize have a great Fedora in a choice of 3 colours, here below in Black and Navy.

tried them on constantly, nearly trying every single one on! The shop assistant was looking at me thinking I was mad...... but the problem was the brim, some where not uniform in side wider than the other........and then when I found a brim I liked it ( it was slightly thicker and more structured than the others, so sat better in my opinion ) it was the black hat with a tan belt and I wanted all black. So, I left the store without buying it and a bet was I talked about for trying every fedora on they had and then had the cheek to leave without buying anything, not even the little hair bow I had in my hand for awhile for L. Anyway on route to Topshop, I saw this in Urban Outfitters window....tried it on and it just what I was looking it was purchased.

Urban Outfitters Panama hat in Black £26

Since my purchase and wearing it to our local bonfire on Tuesday night ( no picture sorry it was too dark, but not to worry because you are going to be sick of seeing me in it, in the coming weeks/months) I would like another maybe in a different colour, my favourites I found looking online where at Anthropologie.

Anthropologie Looped Bow Trilby £58

Anthropologie Zaffre Fedora £38
I LOVE this one and this would go perfect with my blue Maxmara puffa coat.

Here I am on Tuesday for my visit to Liverpool, wearing my M&S cashmere pull on hat.
Hat&Scarf, M&S (old) / Jumper, Grey Short Sleeved cashmere, Gap(A/W 2012) / Jacket, Ralph Lauren (old) / Jean, Zara / Bag, Mulberry Effie
See you next time, hopefully for my next in my love series. xx


  1. I love felt hats & recently brought one which I'm yet to wear! Been far too busy with work to play dress up! Theres a great selection here & I think you look gorgeous in your grey beret! Ax

    1. thank you, I just love hats, a great cover up for bad hair days. Hope you get to play dress up soon x

  2. I think the M&S ones look fab on you, I like the style of them x

    1. I like the plain grey M&S one, it looked quite expensive. x

  3. You look lovely in all of them:) I wish I could wear one but they just do not suit me at all,prob need long hair!
    ~Anne xx

  4. oh really, I am sure there is one out there for you. x


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