Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Isabel Marant don't you think???

I went to Matalan yesterday for tights for L they do a great pack of two, pale grey and pink. I am personally not a fan of loud coloured pattern tights on her so I try and source grey, navy & pinkish tones.
( John Lewis also do a great pack of two grey & navy as recommended by the fabulous children's blog Little Spree. )

Anyway, back to my fabulous finds......
In the coat section I saw what appeared to be a Isabel Marant look a like Xavier Coat...,
and here is the Matalan look a like
There was also a red fleck one
Matalan Cocoon Coat £40
 I always think this type of coat looks  best on...
Not bad hey for £40! 

Also, in the boot section there was some look a like Sam Edelman Boots....
and here are Matalan's
Not sure how they would last being so light but for £24 it would be worth getting a protector spray!
But having looked on line they also come in Black suede and teamed with the coat you would look one cool Mummy for £64 at the Nativity!!!

Fringe Boots in Black £24

My outfit for today.... had the last few bits to buy for N's 4th birthday party on Sunday,
Coat, Nicole Farhi / Breton Jumper, Massimo Dutti / Scarf, LV / Jean, Topshop / Boots, R&B / Bag, Mulberry

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Is his birthday on Sunday? Mine is! Totally agree about a cool mumma, or a cool anyone for £64, don't tempt me! xx

    1. Friday is his Birthday.... Party is on Sunday as the entertainer was fully booked for Saturday 10mths ago!! Crazy...... Many happy returns honey for Sunday!! Xxx

  2. I miss Matalan so much - there are so many great pieces - I always head back here with something from there in the bag!

    1. I know I should go more often, there is one literally on my doorstep..... Great pieces yesterday. X

  3. There are some good little pieces if you look and I find with a lot of their clothing - particularly their basic tees and vests, they are made quite well and the stitching is good. A couple of pounds more than Primark but much better finished. The shoes can be a bit hit and miss but I can't fault the little leather ballet pumps I sourced there. And the jacket you picked out is a good find - I tried it on but the fit was off on me - I was curious to see if it was any better than the Mango jacket I picked up last year. The bonus the Matalan one has over the Mango one is that it is lined though.

    I take it you didn't pick up anything?

    1. I didn't, but I tempted to go back and try that coat on. Those ballet pumps you got were great, similar to my new look £7.99 specials. My mum in the summer got some great vintage cotton v neck t-shirts in Matalan and I urmed and arhed like I normally do and then regretted it as the summer went on!

  4. I spied that jacket before and after receiving my Marant pour H&M jacket I think I might head back for the Matalan one, as it's just a bit too big on me! Matalan have some fab stuff!!

  5. They really did have some great pieces, I was surprised! I am tempted to go back tomorrow and try it on. Xx


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