Monday, 16 December 2013

Party time!

Well what a weekend......I didn't have time to take a breath! My little boy was 4 on Friday and also appeared in the School's end of term Christmas Carol Concert, singing the 'Sparkling Snowman' bless them they were the youngest and stood at the front of church and sang for all the big boys and girls, parents and teachers, I was one proud Mummy!
Saturday we attended a pre-school class friend's birthday party and then Sunday it was his turn, this party we have been planning for a while, he wanted a Stars Wars Theme so looking on Pinterest  my new obsession I looked for some tasteful Star Wars Party inspirations.

Image from my Pinterest Boards

I liked this idea of the Fruit skewers
So taking this black and white theme I started to purchase some party supplies online and here is my haul..

Paper Eskimo Black/White Striped 'Black Tie ' Party Bags from

Paper Eskimo Black Striped Baking Cups from

MAKEBAKE.CO.UK is a really nice website for all your baking and party supplies.

Black/White striped vintage straws from Peach Blossom at

Star Wars Cup Cake stand and cake toppers from good old Ebay.
The Children's Entertainer and room at our local cricket club was booked quite a while ago, I was tipped off my a friend with a December child that due to the time of year these things tend to get booked up in advance.
Friday night I made a start on the party bags as hubby was out on his Christmas 'Do' something I should of done after N went to bed, because he wanted to help me and it took twice as long. They all got a mini bag of Haribo sweets and a mini chocolate bar, the boys got a hot wheel car and in the girls bags were either a Hello Kitty bracelet or very tasteful statement Hello Kitty ring!
Clip Idea stolen from Laura Fantacci (WIT Blog) little girl's 1st Birthday Party

A few pictures of the BIG party day..... he was so excited, it was his 1st proper party in that friends from Pre-School where coming, for previous Birthdays we had just done little tea parties for him with his cousins at home. But with 22 attending, I thought a venue with somebody doing the food and clearing up would be a safer option this time!!!

The big number 4 balloon ready to go..... 

My Homemade Blueberry Muffins looking good in their Paper Eskimo baking Cups
( I must own up I didn't make the butter icing - that was a fabulous find from again, pre-made called GRANDMA'S FROSTING which comes in a range of flavours )
Poundshop specials, Silver plates & cups, they were his Millennium Falcon plates!!

The party was a huge success the little man loved it and thoroughly enjoyed himself, with all my fussing over the party bags, the first little girl to leave politely came up to me to thank myself for inviting her and I said 'Oh you are welcome sweetheart' and I thanked her Mummy and said my goodbyes, she was still looking up at me and I still wasn't getting the hint, she then had had enough and pointed at the party bags........ thankfully she was more on the ball than me!! Funny........
My spare blueberry muffins minus the icing were enjoyed by myself & my mum with a nice cuppa after the event.

Finishing up with a few outfits I wore, this one was to the Carol Concert on Friday afternoon,
Coat, Nicole Farhi / Shirt, MIH Jeans / Bag, Michael Kors / Jeans, Topshop / Boots, R&B

The looking down Instagram shot
In all the rushing around on the big day, I didn't get a picture of what I wore, it was nothing new, one of my favourite buys of the season my Boden printed button back jumper.... available here
Here, is an old picture of the same outfit I wore from a previous post however......
Jacket, Jigsaw / Jumper, Boden / Jeans, Topshop / Ballet Pumps R&B
All done, for another year!!!!

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  1. Oh you did good. So well organised but I wouldn't have expected anything less - you strike me as being quite organised - unlike me who totally forgot to do any party games and hastily shoved a wrapped parcel at one of the mums and told her she was in charge. I came back to find a group of mums hovering over their mobiles trying to find a suitable song to do pass the parcel to.Yup - I forgot the music too. I'm a bit of a "let's throw it out there and see what happens".

    And you look very smart as always. I attended my boys choir concert in my party dress - yup, it coincided with the mums annual Christmas do. Always the way.

    1. That is funny, sometimes that is the best way to be! I am organised and I sometimes beat myself up about things if it isn't just so. I did forget the matches for the candle thankfully I did remember before hubby got to the venue with the kids and he made a quick stop off at Tesco's. I bet you looked lovely in your dress..... any pictures??

  2. Delighted his party was a styled it all fabulously! I love your coat too:)
    ~Anne xx

    1. Thank you, was quite pleased with it myself. Aahh my old faithful Nicole Farhi..... A good buy. X

  3. Themed parties are such fun and the clips for the party bags are a brilliant idea. I like your Boden jumper too!

    1. I loved the clip idea when I saw it on WIT blog and knew I wanted to do it. X

  4. It all looks amazing, so much thought gone into it, you've set the bar high! Xx

    1. To be honest I loved doing it......... That would be a fab job a party planner. Xx


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