Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Flared jeans??

I have noticed some of my favourite bloggers wearing flared jeans recently Laura from WIT, Blair from Atlantic Pacific and I also noticed Milly Mackintosh on Instagram wearing some yesterday.
Image - Atlantic-Pacific

I haven't worn my J Brand love story flares for ages and I really fancied a change from the skinnies and boyfriends that have recently become our uniform. So, I have taken some outfit inspiration from Blair at Atlantic Pacific and tried to emulate her outfit above my way....

Coat, Nicole Farhi / Scarf, Louis Vuitton / Breton, Boden  Boat Neck T-Shirt £14 / Bag, Mulberry / Boots, Dune
I can hear you say...  looks nothing like it..... ( He he ) unfortunately I haven't got a tartan scarf but I think my blue LV tones nicely with the navy's. Plus just running some errands and a trip to the hairdresser's for N's haircut, I would of felt a bit OTT in my leopard high heels like Blair, so I made do with some old Dune suede wedge booties. 

I must admit I enjoyed wearing them again, I should do as a child of the 70's , I have a very cool picture of myself about the age of 5 wearing denim bell bottoms and a matching denim waistcoat.... yes double denim indeed, my mum said double denim was the fashion.... I'll forgive her. Anyway I think flared jeans look good in spring/summer with pretty boho blouses or a simple tee for that 70's summer vibe.

MIH do the fashionista's choice of flared jeans in the form of the Marrakesh. 


Amazing reduction above, only available now in 3 sizes so if you are a size 28, 29 or 30 get them!!!!! My Wardrobe also have good flares in the sale Here .

Do you still wear them, do you think they are making a come back?

I am interested to know.......
love, Annmarie xx


  1. I only wear flares in the summer with flip flops or flat strappy sandals, got a few pairs if they do come back. I can't see myself wearing them in winter x PS I've rung the Priory they won't have us lol x

    1. Oh what a shame they wont have us..... he he. I must admit that is when I love a flared jean in the summer.. very boho vibe.

  2. These are the very next thing I buy - I am CRAVING a pair. You look stunning in yours


    1. Thank you Fiona...... look forward to see which ones you get and pictures. With your lovely slim legs you will look amazing in a pair! xx

  3. I'm so torn with the flares - seeing them on a few blogs and not feeling the love but I used to adore them! Give me a year or so though...I'm always behind the curve! Ax

    1. I keep a close eye on you to see if you do....he he x

  4. Oooohhhh, off to dig my old 7FAM out! Love a flare! :-) xx


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