Monday, 13 January 2014

I ❤️ Boden

I am not ashamed to say I LOVE Boden, now I am not into all the loud patterns that scream I am out of the boden catalogue but as a stripe lover Boden hits the mark with me. The quality is second to none and the returns policy is amazing, so what's not to love. The past two seasons I have seen them take huge influence from their Amercian counterparts J.Crew and as a fan of J.Crew I am more than happy Boden has taken inspiration because Boden is far less expensive.

What is better in dull January for their colourful catalogue to fall onto my door mat, I spent a happy half hour browsing and my favourite items are all J.Crew influenced funny enough and I could see myself sitting in the Hamptons sipping a Long Island ice tea ( wishful thinking hey! ) wearing my choices below which all would fit into my nautical summer holiday wardrobe with my accent colour of red very easily!

What's not to love about this, stripes and a 100% cotton soft sweatshirt. Timeless style, can be worn daily with boyfriends and on holiday with cute chino shorts for a coverup.

J.Crew 4inch chino shorts have been on my wish list for a while and I would of loved a pair during our glorious summer we had last year. Boden have come up trumps this year with a short chino ( their shorts in the past have always reminded me of what a lady golfer would wear, a length that is very unflattering for myself ) and guess what's the inside length length of the their new short chinos ..... yes you guess it a J.Crew 4 inches. 

I am a lover of a hat in summer, my hair does not like the humidity and I often look like a frizzy mess so the hat covers up a multitude of sins. Also, my mum had a mole scare on the side of her face last year, so hats and 30+ on my face is the way forward. This hat reminds me of what a Hollywood scarlet would wear....pure glamour.

A gorgeous gold sandal for the summer, would look amazing on holiday or with a white broderie  anglaise top and boyfriend jeans for a boho summery look. 

A perfect summer Breton dress, this type of dress look so chic on holiday....... Think panama hat, sandals, a wicker basket with this dress or as Boden says just a fabulous tan! 

Boden's take on the classic Rayban Wayfarers.... A style that has been around for years a true Classic! 

Now last year I always put the rose gold ones in my basket and never purchased. Silly billy, then I saw Laura Fantacci wearing hers in Italy on holiday, it was too late then, sold out in a 37! No rose gold this year but an equally good go with everything metallic silver. I did purchase the green ones last year in the sale ( they only go with one outfit) but make my legs look lovely..... The pointy toe lengthens your leg. A perfect shoe to wear with cute summer skirts and short dresses.

Oh I would just love this for the spring, very fresh looking, cotton and merino wool so wouldn't go bobbly. This would really fit into my wardrobe.

Again other J.Crew influenced item ( J.Crew's cafe capri pants ) they come in great range of colours and prints, my holiday wardrobe is coloured co-ordinated ( saves on you over packing plus gives you more outfit options.... See my post here ) so I would love them in red, which would go with my white lace tops, grey tees and Bretons. 

you know I have been known to order from the Johnnie B Section for older girls same quality but normally half the price! ....... and these are my favourite tops this season.

1. Lace Yoke Breton £22 to £27
A cute top, a bit different to your normal Breton top.

2. Annabelle Sweater £28 to £33
Now I really like this and I think it would look amazing worn with boyfriends, either ballet pumps, classic white converse or the cool girls New Balance. I would even wear this for casual drinks again with boyfriends and silver the little frill hem, gorgeous.

3. Boat Neck T-Shirt £14
My favourite......I have two already and will get another one, my off duty wardrobe! This year they have added a little JB logo on the hem line, at £14 its not going to put me off.

Johnnie B Size Notes,
Size 15 - 16 yrs is on average a size 10/very small 12.
Size 16 yrs + is more like a comfortable size 12.

The links above have free delivery and returns plus a free gift for new customers but there is 10% off plus free delivery and returns here  for 1 week only till the 17th January.

Do you like my picks or do you have your own favourites?

Let me know.....,

Annmarie xx



  1. Feel like I am the only who hasn't yet blogged her Boden Wishlist! You can imagine mine is full of stripes! Love this seasons offerings x

  2. I love all things striped too! And I must say I'm very taken with the silver pointy sling-backs! Some fab picks here....I haven't even gotten around to flicking through the catalogue to find it and settle down with a cup of tea and some chocolate to peruse! x

    1. The silver pointy sling backs I have gotta have!! Hope you got the time for your perusal and cuppa xx

  3. Now I love the girls stripe t shirt and would never have thought of ordering kids, will give it a go! Currently making my asos wishlist for so. Have you seen they do a vip pass for £9.95 which gives a year of free next day delivery, returns pick up from your house plus a few other things. I'm giving it a go :-)

    1. The Kids stuff is great, I ready like the Johnnie B t-shirts. Thank you for the Asos VIP pass, I will check it out. x

  4. Thanks for the JB tip - I have one item from there after seeing it on Joanna's blog but always forget to look. Love Boden - as you probably knew! Ax

    1. you are welcome.....I like the cut of JB t-shirts plus I like the price better. x


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