Sunday, 19 January 2014

What did I buy this Autumn/Winter?......New Balance or not?

Sat here after having a very lazy Sunday recovering from a wonderful evening at my friend's 40th birthday party, where I got to wear my Whistles Lace Malou Dress again, I thought I would compile my purchase list from this past season, as January is nearly over and future buys I think will be for Spring which I am craving. I like to do this post for myself to see the hits and misses I have made over the past season, I always tend to buy less in the winter but then again coats and boots take up a lot of your budget. So lets begin.......

My hubby says my wardrobe is extensive.....  as an regular reader of fashion blogs I beg to differ and I don't think I buy as much as others. OK, I try to choose quality over quantity which is what I would like to think is one of the mottos off this little blog, however my budget is no longer what it has been in the past, so how do I juggle my champagne taste.


Boden Dotted Button Back Jumper 20% off
Johnnie Boden Breton Boat T-Shirt 20% off
Whistles Red Structured Tee


Ash Virgo Trainers
J. Crew Grey Tippi Sweater
J.Crew Grey Jewelled Sweatshirt RETURNED - FAULTY ( funded Whistles Dress )
Russell & Bromley Black Gaucho Ankle Boots
Petit Bateau Breton


Jaeger Black Lace Skirt SALE
Urban Outfitter Black Hat
H&M Ra-Ra Skirt
Wallis Statement Necklace
Moda In Pelle Biker Boots
Whistles Black Malou Lace Dress 20% off


Monsoon Ike Pom Pom Jacket £20 off RRP
Topshop Bobble Hat 
Boden Cashmere Jumper SALE


MIH Paris Cropped Jeans SALE
Pure Collection Cashmere boyfriend sweater SALE

I followed my own sale tips and purchased cashmere and a designer item I have been after for a while, the MIH jeans.

I don't think that's a huge amount, is it? 
What have been my favourite buys well my Russell & Bromley Boots, the £12.99 H&M ra ra Skirt was a hit and the Whistles dress I know I will have for years to come.

The misses, well the black Ash Trainers I am totally not 100% on ( hubby did warn me...... don't think they are you babe ) love my gold ones that I have had for a few years but after seeing all the cool girls in their New Balance I think I've made a bit of a boo boo, especially as the New Balance are half the price of the Ash.

I then ask myself could I carry them off and which colours are my favourite, well I am in love with the two images from the fabulous blog Fash n Chips

Here are the burgundy again, 

and again!


All the pictures I have been pinning were of the wine/burgundy colour but I like the grey ones as well, 


Are they me? I am not sure? 

Being late to the party, being a sheep and all that, they have sold out in my favourite burgundy colour, if you are a size 8 you are still in luck at Asos.  Asos have a great collection Here .........oh the grey are still available...
I don't think I am cool enough to wear them really ... but they do look so comfy.

Any body else tempted by them or other ones such as the Nike?

Let me know?? I love to read your comments and thoughts.

Annmarie xx


  1. You got some great sale purchases! I think the grey trainers would be lovely on you:)
    ~Anne xx

    1. Anne I am pleased with my sale buys and I am now with a little encouragement very tempted with the grey.

  2. I'm having the same dilemma a post is drafted! I do love them so!

    1. I thought you were tempted after seeing some of your comments around on our favourite blogs.... go for it they will look great with your Baujken joggers.

  3. I have decided to go with Onitsuka's as everyone has the New Balance....and I sold my Ash on eBay to help fund them! It's a sign...a sign... xxx

    1. I have just put my Ash on Ebay.... lets see if its a sign. xx

  4. I think you could do the New Balance's Ann Marie! Confidence girl, confidence! And maybe the black Ash trainers were just a little too heavy looking for you which is why you're not so sold on them? If they had been in a lighter tone, it might have been a different story. I find that is usually the case for me with anything black and solid on the foot.

    And you have been so good in the sales. Me too!

    1. You are so spot on Sue, very solid and heavy looking when I looked down. They have just hit ebay tonight if they sell, I may get some NB's ......

  5. Love of your list of are most certainly an investment spender.....I am taking notes! Go for the NB's....they are so comfy and they go with so much too! Of course you can carry them off! I'm sure you will love them x

    1. You have done really well in the sales, some great buys! you look great in your NB's ...... I am very tempted... going for a another search now for the Burgundy ones.


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