Monday, 3 February 2014

My Spring/Summer Wish List

Here goes........... My list, have you gathered I like lists...... You have had my list of what I have purchased and this list is of what I would like this coming season,

Red ballet pumps
As you know I have been lusting after a pair for a while, budget wise I don't think I can afford Repetto so French Sole is going to be my second choice.

J Crew Vintage Cotton T-Shirt in Grey
I find a grey t-shirt my basic summer top and the J Crew quality wise are the best I have found. Beware the V is deep so you need some boobies to fill it but they wash fantastic and don't bobble. 

Navy Blue Blazer
I have a Zara one, but it's too short, on the tight side and annoyingly creases so I would like a good quality one that I will have in years to come because this is a wardrobe essential in my eyes. 

Denim Shirt
 I don't own one and think I desperately need this basic item to wear with white skinnies in the summer, dress up with a lace skirt for evening wear, to be honest the options are endless with a denim shirt and that's why I NEED one!

White broidery dress or top 
Oh my love for broidery anglaise in the summer goes on and on, like a magpie is to shinny things I zoom in on anything lacey that is in a shop and 90% of the time I love it...... In my book I can never have too much of it, it's looks absolutely adorable with pale denim in summer. I would love the Sea NY top that's in my collection above but something more realistic price wise would be what I am looking for, my favourite buy from last summer was my Jaeger Boutique broderie anglaise top. I might even push my boundaries and go for the pastel trend here in something like lace. 

Olive coloured chino pants 
I will be looking at Gap to purchase them with my budget but the J Brand above would be a great investment purchase if you could afford them, my J Brand grey I have had for 4 years and are still as good as new.

MIH White Paris Cropped Jeans
Channelling all things French here, cropped jeans..... Ballet pumps and Breton. 

Silver pointy flats
Perfect holiday shoes, flats for pushing the pram around the cobbled streets of Old Town Marbella but still glamorous and will go with nearly every outfit I own.

Then something I lust after on every Nice flight I do........ Yes if you get on one of my flights with this tote I lust after it, I will carefully place it in the overhead locker for you whilst imagining myself throwing it over my shoulder and carrying it down to the many stylish beaches on the cote d'azur and if you want to keep it down with you I will stare at it and get your drinks order all mixed up because I have my handbag thinking cap on......... Yes it's the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I loved Louis Vuitton and one of my first designer bags was the little pouchette and the experience of buying that in their store in Manchester sent me into a designer handbag craze in the early 2000s then I fell out of love with them because unfortunately there where so many fakes around but this bag in my opinion is a classic, a useful classic and lets face it fakes are easy to spot with LV's as the handles never go dark and look that yellow plastic. So this true love would be my perfect travel tote and mummy bag, throw everything in and still look chic..... I am planning to treat myself!! 

A Bright Coloured Cross Body Bag
This seams to be all the trend lately and I really like them, of course I would love a Celine Trio in Red but I have spotted a virtual copy in one of my favourite shops but need to find out the price?? Another good alternative is the envelope bag by Sophie Hulme or a more affordable option is the Boden Maya Bag.

Then I would also love something Pink but as we go to press I remembered my Whistles pink Cocoon dress from last year so that will do. 

Because I would like pennies to purchase a nice maxi dress for my holidays. Remember my holiday wardrobe is colour co-ordinated so I would love something like the J Crew Maxi Dress they did last year, I adored it on Laura Fantacci ( yes there I go again....... Serious style stalker ) in the belvedere red but black would do also.....

Hope they do something similar again or I will hopefully hunt one down on Ebay. 

So there you go..... a few basics in there nothing too S/S 14 trend setting. I will hopefully stick to my wish list but I am sure I will go off track somewhere. Plus the big question is funds to buy all this.......

Oh I forgot some coloured chino shorts from J Crew or Boden and a plain white casual shirt.... and of course a new Breton, oh you could go on on, couldn't you!! 

Best stop there and go and buy a lottery ticket! 

Thanks for reading,

Annmarie xx

  • OK, one wish list item was purchased on Saturday and worn that evening for our Date Night...... can you guess which one? .........details in next post. x


  1. The lacey blouse looks really nice!! I also like the neon clutch and the pointy silver flats. Its a really cool wish list !

    1. That Lacey blouse is my favourite at the moment if I did have £330 to spare I would buy it now!

  2. Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying reading it - you have great style! I love the LV Neverfull, but struggle to decide between this, the Mulberry Bayswater or the Anya Hindmarch Maxi Zip Satchel as my 'perfect bag' .....good job it is only daydreaming since two children put pay to any such purchases a while back!

    1. Thank you, glad you like my blog. Most of my designer bags were purchased before the kids came also......... I like all 3 of your daydreamer bags..... The Anya is lovely but heavy ( it's the zip ) tried it on window shopping once. Xx

  3. Hello sweety! You have a nice blog and beautiful photo)

    Lets follow each other on GFC or/and G+? Write me if you agree and I follow you back! ;)

    Welcom to the world of fashion, diy and travel!)


  4. Ooooh you could have put this together for me. Love it all x

    1. It's nothing too trend setting, just good old classics really...... Glad you liked it. Just got to work out my budget so I can get it all and not be side tracked on to other things...... Like I normally do. X

  5. I love that blouse that you have in 'budget won't allow' I must have clicked on it 6 times. I could wear it at least three times a week all summer, so could be worth the £330 eek!

    1. Me too!!! I would wear it with denim, chinos , shorts, dress it love it!

  6. Yes honey you must treat yourself, I couldn't live without my Neverfull and use it as a beach/day bag in Marbella although I probably wouldn't if it was new! The Sophie Hulme bags in that style were in the sale weren't they? xx

    1. Yes they were on NAP ...... they went down to half the price...... Too late. X

  7. Oh you are so organised in your wants. Mine are all over the place! I want pink things, I want blue things. I want all manner of things but I don't know what they are till I see them. I do however keep in mind things that I've "earmarked" and regularly do searches on them hoping that I strike lucky at some point and what I want is at a good pricepoint.

    And I'm guessing you went with the silver pumps - dressy enough for an evening out but still so wearable during the day. I'd like to say it was the blouse but pressing the button on something which is in the hundreds is always somewhat daunting.

    1. I am sort of organised but I have had to make this list to keep me on track because I see like you say pink things blue things that I want, things on blogs. The blouse is a dream thing..... Will be looking for something similar on the high street, the shoes I want but it was the denim shirt, a H&M bargain. Xx

  8. Your wishlist looks really well thought out! The boden silver flats, white skimmer jeans and R&B Belle bag in red are on my wishlist too...I have a feeling that there will be a mad rush for that bag when it finally touches down in stores! I actually ordered the MIH Paris jeans in white (I have the blue and love the fit) but I think the composition was different, less stretch and just didn't seem to sit right so they went back. I think I'm going to try the Jamie jeans in white and see how I get on with those...

    1. God.... your good at guessing my clues about the belle bag! It is a virtual copy though isn't it!? Thanks for the tip on the MIH Paris in white..... I will try on before I order. I love Jamie Jeans........ So worth the £40 better than some J BRands I had! X


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