Friday, 25 April 2014

A Weekend Away

We are escaping at the weekend, its only our 3rd time away from the children, 1st time it was for hubby 40th trip to NYC and we have had a night way in the Lakes for a friends wedding......... so we are looking forward to this.....of course a will miss N&L but Mama needs her batteries recharging!!!

So what do I plan to take with me for my two nights in Barcelona.....I am only taking carry on luggage. I would advise before packing to check the weather, ask hubby for itinerary and then lay your outfits out on the bed to see if they work. It's not time to do outfit experimenting, take outfits that you love and know that work. I learnt that the hard way and we once went to Palma for the weekend to watch Simply Red in concert at the Bull Ring .......( I wasn't  a Simply Red fan before......amazing..... I think the venue helped! ) I took new stuff, I didn't do a try on session and was left with a fashion disaster!


I am going to take my Monsoon Camilla Jacket to travel in with Jeans and my Johnnie Boden Breton. Similar Jacket I have found is this Mango Red Pasiley Jacket £44.99


My beloved Boutique by Jaeger White embroidery top will be in my case, this gorgeous top from Topshop has a similar look, Topshop Embroidered Blouse £38.00



We are going on Saturday evening to a Michelin star restaurant so I will need something smart for dinner, I did toy with the idea of a dress but the Spanish are so relaxed, I am going to wear my trusted outfit of black Gap Capri pants and red Whistles structured top with my black Louboutins and my Chanel for a touch of glamour. I have found some alternatives..........

and then for Sunday evening I assume will be tapas bars so more casual, I will wear my and Other Stories Blouse in black with my boyfriend jeans and try and fit in with the cool street style girls of Barcelona!

Anyway I am going to love you and leave you til next week, hopefully with lots of outfit pictures.

Thanks for reading,

Annmarie xx


  1. firstly hope you have an amazing weekend, all mums & dads need to recharge and have couples time. sounds like its going to be a lovely weekend. love the outfits you have put together. can imagine they are going to work well. i also try and go with a few favourite items and stick to just a small colour palette. Have fun. xx

  2. Great little collection. I hope you have the most wonderful time. xx

  3. Love all of this Annmarie, you're going to look amazing. Have a wonderful time & enjoy every second.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  4. We have never had a night away from the boy who is now 13 1/2! Anyway, hope you have a lovely time honey, looking forward to your pictures and off to try red ballet flats with the camilla! xx

  5. You know how to pack perfectly light!! Hope you have a fabulous time away :0) xx

  6. Have a lovely weekend in Barcelona Annmarie.....looking forward to your pictures! I am heading there for 10 days in June so I might need a few tips:)
    ~Anne xx

  7. Lucky you, have an amazing trip and I hope that the weather is lovely, it makes all outfits so much easier!

  8. Love your weekend wardrobe choices. Have an amzing time away with the hubby xx

  9. Hope you have/had a great weekend in Barcelona. Its a lovely city isn't it.
    Love your jacket!!! that is soooo nice.

    1. Thank you everybody, we had a great time, details on the blog tomorrow!! xx

  10. love your blog. The J Crew sweatshirt on your lust list is currently half price at £29.50 so I couldn't resist and thought I'd let you know too although you've bought lots lately but its a great buy!

    1. Thank you!! Thank you also for the tip about the J Crew sweatshirt, just asked hubby if I could borrow £30 until I get paid next. xx


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