Friday, 13 June 2014

My S/S 2014 Purchase List

Top, and Other Stories / Jeans, Topshop / Shoes, Boden silver pointed flats
Here I am wearing some of my seasons purchases, the last Bank Holiday weekend when we had some family over to stay the Saturday evening and Hubby cooked fabulous meal of Lobster Linguine. 

Looking at the list, for me I have purchased a lot, hubby definitely would say so and ditto the Hermes and Dpd delivery men ( first name terms with Dpd man Paul........I am in his Sat Nav as a regular! )

So I started to purchase in February, this is when I am sick of winter clothes and craving the summer. As regular readers know I complied a wish/want list here, so let's see how I did. 

February - 7 Items
H&M Denim shirt - wish list item
Gap chinos - 30% off & wish list item
Bloch Red ballet pumps - wish list item
Boden Silver pointy flats - wish list item
Petit Bateau dress - sale
Vanessa Bruno top - from eBay - wish list item
Mango ruffle dress

I started well didn't I, racing through my wish list with just the Mango ruffle dress and Petit Bateau being extras, the later I had featured on my blog and it was 50% off and stripes, so a must buy...... right?

March - 9 Items
Well, what can I say...... I went totally off piste not buying any wish list items...... well I did ...... the boho top....... in the guise of the Other Stories tops..... but I had covered that wish list item with the Vanessa Bruno top in February, so multiple boho tops for me......very naughty! 

Sam Elderman Trina Sandals
Gap Blue chambray Shirt - 30% off
Gap Always Skinny Jeans - 30% off
Topshop Denim dress
Johnnie Boden Breton 
Hush Maxi dress
Other stories top x 2 
Marks & Spencer black heels 

April - 9 Items
Boden tunic - returned
Boden red shorts - wish list item
J crew red maxi - from eBay - wish list item 
Mango dress
Mango ruffle t-shirt
Gap Denim shorts 
Mih Oversized Shirt - present & wish list item
Ray ban sunglasses - duty free purchase
LV Neverfull Bag - wish list item
J crew sweatshirt - sale & a previous winter wish list item


A few readers said I sneaked this particular purchase in and to be honest I haven't properly reviewed it, have I?

The Neverfull bag is something I after lusted after for awhile, which I wrote about here. Since returning to work last June I have been saving for it, so in Barcelona I visited the beautiful Louis Vuitton shop and parted with my hard earned cash. I was undecided about which size the MM or the GM but I went for the GM (larger one) as it comes with a clutch/wallet inside, which will be perfect for a evening clutch on my holidays...... it has been my favoured bag recently as it fits a lot in, L's nappies & wipes and all my essentials.

April, I was sort of back on track with just temptation from Mango.......again! Plus I even returned a item, the Boden tunic, which I still love but I felt I had over indulged in the beach maxi dresses/cover ups and the Boden one didn't fit into my holiday colour palette plus I wanted the funds for the Gap denim shorts to be honest.

May - 4 Items
Mango parka jacket
R&B belle bag - wish list item 
Topshop Jamie Jeans in black
Hobbs NW3 Delphine shoes - returned 
Mango tunic dress

Now this is more like it Hubby would say, just 4 items. I purchased the Hobbs NW3 Delphine Shoes shoes after seeing them on Kat, I was tempted to get the Office version but her post influenced myself to get the Hobbs ones, alas they were not for my feet, I didn't like the look of my feet in them when I looked down and the stud fastening a little too harsh for me. I love the Zara ones that Frances & Amanda have, I don't think they are available anymore but they have done something similar here, again which are a little more delicate and elegant. 

Then I enforced a spending ban on myself for June, July and possibly August because I have to save for a dress for the family wedding in October ( or better still bag one in the summer sales - that will the only purchase allowed) and a winter coat for the school run that I will begin in September, when N starts reception. 

1st of June, it didn't go too well did it, my spending ban didn't even last 24 hours!!!!!..... H&M lace espadrilles......purchased! Oh dear I will start my two/three month ban on the 2nd of June.

Wish me luck,  I will need it!
As ever, thanks for reading

Annmarie xx


  1. I love all your purchases Annmarie & you've got some great items off your wish list not to mention taken advantage of some great sales days too! Lots of luck in your 2-3 month spending ban.....that's going to be hard with the sales coming up but at least you can look for your wedding dress & coat...I'm going to try & avoid any sales purchases but as ever will probably fail lol!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Gorgeous items!! I need to start a wish list as I am such an impulsive buyer! I'd be mortified to list out what I have bought just so far in June! xx

  3. Geez Louise, you bought loads! It never seems like much until you list it although I am sure I haven't bought much, well not as much as you anyway lol but you have got some lovely stuff but I reckon the sales will kill you! xx

  4. I make lists just like this too are brave to share lol! You have bought some gorgeous things and have inspired a lot of my purchase this season!! xx

  5. Fantastic purchases Annemarie. Big ticks from me. I will watch, with interest, to see if you can hold your' resolve. ;) H xx

  6. I definitely don't make lists - I just go with whatever takes my fancy and what I've read and been influenced by. I have the Office Kaos shoes which I just nabbed in the sale. I would go for the more feminine Zara ones if I were you as the absence of the ankle strap does make a huge difference to how your legs look should you want to wear them with skirts (unless you're particularly long of limb like Kat). I will only wear with jeans having said that.

    And to echo Michelle above - you are brave to confess all. I am in denial.

  7. You are so good at making purchases that you need and will fit into your wardrobe - my approach is just a disaster in comparison! I'm going to impose a spending ban for the summer holidays, really need to do it!
    A x


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