Sunday, 8 June 2014

Off to Espana....

Today we have escaped to Spain for our summer holiday, slightly early.....  but taking advantage of our last year of a non term holiday and I don't think I will never get 3 weeks off in July or August at work, so we are spoiling ourselves. I will be taking a break from blogging ( I have one or two posts drafted for next week, my packing tips and my season's purchase list ) and of course wherever I am able to get Wifi I will posting my #ootd #wiwt on Instagram.....( but no swimsuit shots far to conservative, shy and self conscious for that! ) 

As you know by now my love of embroidery anglaise and here is a picture of myself last year on holiday wearing my favourite holiday dress from Oasis which is 6 years old, 

I am really happy as my little Oasis number is very slightly like the sold out J.Crew Victorian lace dress, below.

As my holiday farewell here are my favourite white dresses this season for you, 


I will hopefully post a packing post which I will show you what I have packed plus my tips for packing in a organised fashion, plus something that was very exciting for me......all Hush, Hush till next week .......big hint there.

Thanks for reading,

Annmarie xx


  1. Hope you have great holiday. I can see why you love your Oasis dress.

    X x

  2. How amazing that your Oasis dress is still going strong after 6 years!! Love the J Crew and Hobbs dresses of your picks! Hope you have a wonderful holiday xx

  3. Your oasis dress is lovely, nicer than the jcrew one IMO. Enjoy your vacation x

  4. Lucky you - enjoy!! We're off to Andalucia in 4 weeks for July - I cannot wait!!! xx

  5. Love your Oasis dress Annmarie. Have a wonderful holiday.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  6. Beautiful, I love broderie anglaise and pretty white dresses - just catching up on your blog - Happy Hols x

  7. You look gorgeous in that dress and I love your' picks here. Have a fabulous time. H x

  8. Hello, I love your blog! You have great style :-)
    I was just wondering what is the size of your white oasis embroidery anglaise dress you're wearing on this blog post? I love this dress on you and I think we're a similar size, I have found one on ebay so wanted to check the size with you. Many thanks, Emily x

    1. Thank you Emily, my dress is a size 12. It's such a perfect holiday dress - there was a half belt that you would tie in a bow at the back at the waist I cut them off. Good luck with your biding! So please you enjoy the blog x

    2. Thanks so much for the quick reply, really kind of you! I'm off to
      Ibiza in a few weeks so hopefully if I win it, I can wear it then :) I hope it looks as good on me as it does you! E x


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