Friday, 8 August 2014

FM40 Kids - Back to School - Part 1


My monthly kids post this month is dedicated to all things Back To School........sorry, not wanting to wish your holidays away.

I have got N's uniform sorted and my plan was to leave the shoes to nearer the time in case of growth spurts, but I was doing some online research and noticed the boys' school shoes were mostly ....fugly to say the least and the nice ones were selling out!  Here are my favourite 4, oh 5 found I have just found a really nice formal pair on Trotters website. 

I was brought up with Startriteshoes and many pairs of my shoes were Startriteshoes, so they were my first port of call and they have one of the better choice of styles.  My dilemma then became do I get N a formal pair or a pair that have more a trainer vibe.  N's new uniform is quite formal, shirt, tie and blazer so I wanted him to be at least comfortable in his footwear so I choose initially number 3 for him, but then a visit to John Lewis we spotted the Geox Elvis, Geox is a brand N has worn since his second pair of shoes, so I knew they would be a winner.

Girls school shoes, well that's I different story and there are many styles that are more appealing. I love the traditional Mary Jane's by Startrite 1 & 2, which are available in black leather, patent and navy leather. I know they will be L's first school shoes when her time comes.

Do you find school shoes a difficult purchase? Are you organised like I have been or do you leave it to the last minute?
There is a part two to this post as L is starting nursery, so I will cover nursery essential items and other back to school bits and bobs.
Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Annmarie xx

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  1. I have been finding many different opinions on this and find this post to be one of the more enlightening on the subject. Hope we can increase the quality Super CBD of responses than what I have seen as many do not seem to be very relevant.


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