Monday, 11 August 2014

FM40 Kids - Back to School Part 2

L starts Nursery one day a week September, it is the same Nursery N went to and is attached to the School he is to start. I never sent N in good clothes, they were tops that were well washed or some non expensive t-shirts from H&M. Their Nursery has woodland and they are out a lot exploring in all weathers, so must haves are wellies and the new addition of puddlesuits or all-in-ones. 

I love Hunter Wellies, but you cannot beat M&S plain colour block wellies for £10, they come in pink, blue, red and a fantastic yellow, which I LOVE!. They are great for Nursery and if you stick to the navy, red and yellow which are all totally unisex, they can be passed down from child to child even if like me you have one of each.

Bags, now I am an awful mum and I am not one for cartoon character clothes. However, I did give in to N when he was 2 and starting Nursery and I let him have a Lightening McQueen backpack. I know if I let L pick it would be Peppa all the way, with this bag from M&S but I would rather something like the bags I have picked above or below.

I think this is a perfect Nursery outfit, practical leggings (stripes, of course!) and I really like this denim top from Gap....... does it come in mummy size, I wonder?

For her autumn/winter shoes, I am going for Startrite Lottie (got to.... if only for the name .....hint,hint) but I am undecided about which colour, I adore red shoes on little girls, but I know the navy will go with more outfits.

As ever thank you for reading and your comments.

Annmarie xx

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  1. Nice outfits! Found your blog via google search. Greetings from Finland! :)


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