Friday, 10 October 2014

FM40 Style - Tea & Toast?

I must say I love tea and toast and nothing beats thick white toast with proper butter. Whenever I am unwell or unsure of what to eat, I always go for toast or something on toast, it's my safe bet.

Wednesdays are my free days now, I don't work that day, it is the day L goes to nursery and of course N is now at school. So, after school run I came home and made tea and toast for myself and in total peace and quiet looked through some websites I have been meaning to check out .....  and Toast seamed very appropriate to be the first one to visit. 

Oh I found some gorgeous stuff, 

I forgot how good Toast was, I used to visit their concession in Selfridges Manchester a lot when I lived nearer to there.  I am not one for bright things, but the mustard coat I think would look amazing with my leather look leggings and black silk shirt. The sweater dress with the contrast elbow patches would be perfect styled with the fabulous chelsea boots, that I adore, and well, the ballet pumps in the most divine range of colours, I think I am in love.
I definitely think I will be visiting Toast over tea and toast again!
Are you a Toast fan?
Annmarie xx
* big family wedding this weekend, so I will reveal what dress I went for on Monday.


  1. Some gorgeous picks here Annemarie, I must have a look at their website!
    Have a great weekend.
    Jane xx

  2. I love Toast! They have a lovely store in Bath. The prices do scare me a bit though! X

  3. Yes, the prices are scary but I do love their sales and have picked up a few bits here and there. I love their lookbooks and there is a beautiful sky blue jacket in there which I adore and pinned when it first came in to stock. I shall sit tight for now and wait till I hear the ding telling me that it's Toast sale time.

  4. I am not that familiar with Toast but love your picks Annmarie and now that I know there is a store in Bath I shall have to go and investigate!! Hope you have a great time at the wedding....I look forward to the outfit reveal xx

  5. Ooooh those chelsea boots looks fab - off to see them closer online

  6. I am a massive fan of toast! Often have it for supper, white with real butter as you say. Also love my favourite jam on seeded brown bread toast, oh dear I eat way too much bread! Love the sweater dress, like a lot of their stuff but not the prices! Looking forward to hearing about the wedding x


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