Sunday, 16 November 2014

FM40 Love - I ❤️ The White Company At Christmas

I love The White Company anyway, but this time of year I truly adore it. I swoon over their catalogue, as I want to live in their perfect white and grey tone house. 

I personally purchase many things from The White Company this time of year, their winter signature candle is my Christmas candle of choice. I have just taken advantage of the 20% discount and purchased the children's Christmas PJ's and dressing gowns. I have also got L Christmas clothes, the dusty pink tutu dress and festive cardigan, which both are adorable, plus I couldn't resist the sweet tutu in the beautiful and tasteful grey colour.

Other things I have my eye on are, Christmas decorations, Christmas stockings, for my own Christmas wish list (fingers crossed somebody might be reading this over my shoulder), presents for female family members and their children's PJ's are normally top of my list for my nieces and nephews. 

Their brilliant 20% discount (quote AE360) had been extended until midnight tonight, quick, make your Christmas A White Christmas ..... I certainly am. 



  1. Love The White Company and positively salivate over their Christmas catalogue! Thanks for the code, off for a browse now xx

  2. Ooh I love the White Company too. Thanks for the code Annemarie, off to get further temptation on their website!!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. Oh my gosh, I have spent so much in this shop recently; Christmas PJs for my daughter, wrapping paper, candles, diffusers and the lovely big beaded star :)
    I think it was you (in a blog post ages ago) who bought some bedding from from TWC, can I ask how you find it with regards to laundering......I worry that they would be a total pain to iron? I'm having a lot of building work at the moment and will get a new bedroom in the new year which will need decorating. I have my eye on some White Company bedding but want to be sure it's worth the money? Xx

    1. I have the easy care bedding which launders fab. I also have a throw that I am going to get dry cleaned, as it is too big.

  4. Lovely picks, Annmarie. I must resist! Gorgeous candles. Lynne xx

  5. I adore the winter candle although haven't got one yet, so thanks for reminding me about the discount and have to say we have spent loads in there for the new baby, bought their massive gift boxes which are slowly filling up as my daughter wants a White Company baby to match here White Company nursery and her bedroom! x

    1. Ah White Company babies are the best, I had a White Company nursery ...,, which was passed down to L as it was unisex. Just gorgeous and all their cotton little white company stuff just washes and washes .... and never gets any bobbles. Love their stuff. Xx


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