Monday, 8 December 2014

FM40 Occassions - Gifts For The Men

Do you find it difficult to buy for men? I do especially certain age brackets, such as teenage boys and older men. I find buying presents for my hubby OK, although if he wants something he is the type of person to normally just to go and buy it himself. 

Here are a few gift ideas for your other half, brothers or dads.

OK, Grandma's favourite presents for her boys is often PJ's or socks, I think if you go for Ralph Lauren then it may be better received.
A little tipple maybe?
A classic shirt? Ralph Lauren suits most, if  not all age brackets.
For the foodie,
Aftershave (helps if you know what they like) if you aren't that lucky stay with the classics or a touch of luxury with Creed.
A touch of cashmere?
Skincare, most men are now taking care of themselves,
I hope to have given you some inspiration here.
I have my Christmas ladies lunch tomorrow, I have major outfit dilemma! I ordered a navy tippi from J.Crew to go with my J.Crew navy lace skirt I got last year 2 weeks ago in my night of online retail therapy. It has got lost in the post and both J.Crew and their handling agents are still trying to find its whereabouts. Still as we go to press I have not decided what I am going to wear, what the hell do you wear to a luncheon?
Check out the blog on Wednesday to hopefully see what I finally decided to wear to this event.


  1. Oh no about your Tippi jumper? Fingers crossed - otherwise you have another sweater,or a button up shirt - in cotton or silk? Even denim - with a statement sparkly necklace? Will you review the Tipp (if it arrives!) I'd be interested to know if it is worth the money. Enjoy your xmas lunch!

    1. I have two other Tippi sweaters, 1 grey the other hot pink. I think I will go for the grey. Ps I think they are worth the money. Xx


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