Tuesday, 2 December 2014

FM40 Style - Please Santa Can I Have...

I will be concentrating on present ideas this week, personally I would like new PJ's. I have been mean with myself in recent years buying nightwear, I tend to wear old t-shirts and vests to bed and to lounge in I team them with some old juicy lounge pants that are that old, they have become ill-fitting and look so unflattering ......... sounds awful I know, I shy from answering the door in this attire now. Apart from some lovely Hush PJ's that my mum got me the other Christmas this area of my wardrobe needs an overhaul!!! 

Hush have gorgeous PJ's, they would make a perfect present for female family members, I have number 1 which I would really recommend, I would love the silk pair number 3. They also do pyjama Christmas gift boxes which includes a pair of their PJ's and a luxury chocolate bar presented in a beautiful gift box,. M&S have a great cheaper alternative to Hush's silk PJ's number 7 , I must say the whole collection Rosie by Authograph is gorgeous. 

I also really like The White Company's offerings, my favourites are this CASHMERE JUMPSUIT , LOUNGE JOGGERS,  these CASHMERE JOGGERs, and finally classic white PJ's WHITE SATEEN STRIPE PYJAMA SET £70.

I wouldn't be ashamed to open the door wearing any of the above!

Next on the blog gifts for little ones.



  1. I can't wear off the shelf pj's because I'm tall and most don't come in long :-(
    M&S do but I've never found a style I love

    1. The reviews of the M&S ones say the legs seem extra long, so you 'legs eleven' Fiona may be ok with them. X :)


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