Wednesday, 14 January 2015

FM40 Lifestyle & Style - My New Year Resolutions & My Best of 2014

Did you make any new year resolutions? I did, my first one is that everyman and his dog makes,
1. Eat more healthy and try to lose the 8/9 lbs that has crept on since June
We do cook healthy from scratch anyway (excluding, the occasional Saturday night take away) I however, have a tendency, to snack too much in between meals on low fat, but high sugar snacks. So, my new eating plan, is to start my day with a healthy blow of porridge, which should keep me going until lunch. I was so nodding with Sue, yes I do that, on the two breakfast thing, before Christmas I was having a healthy breakfast before the school run, then once home, the kettle was put on and a piece of bread put in the toaster...... tea and toast ..... my enemy, which brings me on to number 2.
2. Cut down on my caffeine intake 
I am such a big tea drinker and I want to cut down, not only to stop me consuming extra calories, as you now know, I like a side order with my tea, a piece of toast or a biscuit. My plan was to replace my afternoon and evening cup with peppermint tea. So far, so good ..... well sort of.
3. Stop getting stressed
I have a tendency to get stressed when I haven't done "my to-do list" and when I am stressed, I am slightly ratty with my nearest and dearest. So, if I haven't done the washing and ironing on a Monday, cleaned the house top to toe on Tuesday, prepared three blog posts a week, made the children healthy meals for the week, before I go to work at the end of the week, then I am not going to get stressed. No, I am going to be carefree and take things in my stride, I can hear them say "Ha! Let's see" in my household. 
4. Buy less, but better
I have been building my wardrobe up since I had a massive hormonal clear out after giving birth to my second child over two years ago. I think I had some great investment pieces, bags, coats and shoes which I have collected over the years, but I had major holes everywhere else. Those holes have now been filled and I think it is time to save for things I really want, instead of three items a month, invest in one quality item that I will love, which brings me onto my next point.
I think I found my style finally at 40 (I confess I am still making mistakes, but not so many) and looking back over my outfits last spring/summer, my favourite outfits are (apart from white cotton dresses) a jeans and blazer combination. Being short and blessed in the bosom area, blazers I feel look flattering over a t-shirt or shirt on me. 

I have a new style crush and I would say she has a similar type of figure to me ...... OK I maybe carrying an extra 21 pounds than her, but she loves the jacket, jeans and t-shirt combo too.

My new style crush and details on how to copy her style (I intend too) will be on the blog on Friday.

What are your new resolutions, do you have any relating to your wardrobe?



  1. I think I could copy and paste your resolutions! I got very lazy last year so I am back in the gym 4x a week and trying to cut down on wine and snacking. As for buying I am trying really hard to make wiser choices and fewer impulse purchases. I have just cleared out my closet which has helped me hit the reset button! x

  2. Oh phew - I thought I was the only 2 breakfast glutton out there! But yep, it's so easy, a cup of tea after the school drop off and a little something to help it go down. And like you - I've put on a few lbs and they are much harder to shift than previously or else I wouldn't be announcing my good intentions to all and sundry. I think it hit me hard when I clocked the scales!

    I have to admit - I am intrigued by your new style crush. I have no idea!

  3. I am definitely going to try and buy smarter this year. Although my first resolution has been to buy some loungewear which I am not embarrassed to answer the door in! I always want to be more day.

  4. Great inspiration - I too need to lose the 5lb that have crept on over xmas - not helped by DH coming home tonight with a tray of baklava!!! - and also planning on a no buy for clothes every other month. Thinking of copying Kat and asking if I already have similar and if so, don't buy it as my weakness is skinny jeans and ankle boots.
    Going to guess Miranda Kerr for your style crush? X

  5. Also trying to cut out snacks, and wine during the week! Re clothes - I need to upgrade my casual at home wear, like your first respondent, and my pjs! And I am going to try to be a bit more creative with clothes I already own.


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