Friday, 6 February 2015

FM40 Kids - Mini Boden Wish List

In addition to being partial to a little Boden myself I especially love Mini Boden for my children. L and I enjoy looking through the catalogue picking out our favourite pieces (I am sure that will change in a few years when she starts picking out her own things!)   It may be slightly more expensive than its supermarket and high street counterparts, but I have to say the quality is amazing, so I don't mind paying that little extra. N's boxer shorts get washed and tumble dried every week and a year later still look like new!! 
Here our picks from this seasons collection, for L, pretty ditsy print dresses and of course her mummy's favourites the breton. For N some great denim cut-offs which will look great with many tops in the summer, plus N has picked a great Dinosaur t-shirt, Mummy may let him get this dinosaur top as it is a Bonton like, ochre colour.

I could go on and on, we also like this for L (with a breton worn under or a sweet floral blouse) and these.


  1. Such lovely choices! We love the Bretons too! :) I totally have my eye on the little gladiator sandals for my girls for Summer - they are just adorable! Xx

    1. Oh the sandals are fabulous, so much like very expensive designer brands. X

  2. I would wear most of the girls clothes - so cute. Get lots of Luca's bits and bobs from Boden, although I nearly always seem to miss out on sizes for myself!


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